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The delivery company in Nigeria has been established many years ago. In 1852 British colonizers needed to exchange mails and packages with the rest of the empire. For many years, it has been a part of the British Postal System. However, nowadays it is operated by the Nigerian government. It accomplishes multiple delivery tasks not only around the country but also across the world. Nigeria Post, which is also known as the Nigerian Postal Service is a part of Universal Postal Union., which allows providing a high quality of service to every customer.

Still, Nigeria Post does not claim to be the best. It has goals and plans for future improvement. It constantly improves routes connection which helps to reduce time on delivery. There are also different measures towards preventing mail theft. In case you are a newbie in using postal services, Nigeria Post has a friendly customer support tea, which is always ready to provide assistance.

Domestic EMS

If you seek for a fast package delivery around Nigeria, then Domestic EMS is what you need. This delivery method is able to deliver packages within 24 hours of a business day. Nigerian Postal Service has more than 600 postal office, which allows to collect the delivery conveniently. You can send multiple packages per shipment, but each of them should not exceed the weight of 30kg.

International EMS

International delivery is more complicated than domestic, as it may require delivery companies from other countries. Therefore, it has to be of high quality. At Nigeria Post, you are able to send mail and packages to more than 200 destinations around the world. The package allows clients to send goods, merchandise that does not violate the Universal Postal Union delivery guidelines. Additionally, every box that will be sent abroad should not be heavier than 30kg.

EMS Package

Nigeria Post accepts packages that have been bought and prepared somewhere else. They just need to match the size and weight requirements for delivery. In case you do not have any box, then you should just get it from Nigeria Post. EMS packages can be of small, medium, and large size. They are made of materials, that are not easy to damage. Still, it is recommended to fill the box with bubble wrap inside, to protect your item.

EMS Economy

In case you need to send something across Nigeria but you want to reduce money on delivery, then the EMS economy is what you need. It takes more time to accomplish your order. Thus, the addressee will be able to receive the package within 48 hours from the shipment time. Unfortunately, this delivery option is not available for international delivery tasks.

Intra City

Quite often people need delivery services to deal with sending mail and packages within the city they reside in. This option becomes an efficient solution for local retail and merchandise service. It is especially effective for big cities. The maximum allowed weight is 30kg. As for size, it should not be longer than 1.5m, and 3m for the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length.


If you need to send some large parcels quite fast around Nigeria, trucks may not be suitable or fast enough. AirPost deals with all kinds of delivery and requires around 6 hours to have delivery accomplished. It is availably only in the following main cities:

  • Abuja;
  • Enugu;
  • Port Harcourt;
  • Benin;
  • Calabar.

Mail Room Management

Some companies send packages on a daily basis as they deal with sending some goods, merchandise, and other items. Mail Room Management is a system that can be merged into the structure of the company. Iy requires to have a small room. Nigeria Post provides the personnel and logistics to collect, process, and deliver all inward and outward mails of the company. This service is carried out at an agreed rate between the two parties.

Mail Delivery

Mail delivery can be more important than sending some packages. As people send documents and valuable papers, it is vital to deliver them in the best way.

Post Office Box

If you receive a large amount of mail, it may be wise to get Post Office Box. It has a large space, and all will not be squeezed. Moreover, it is made of sturdy material, which helps to protect your mail from theft.

Private Mail Bag

To get this service, you do not need the visits post office personally. You simply can send your request online. Every company periodically receives mails, which only certain employees should read. The Private Mail Bag allows customers to receive high security of all mail. It can be accessed only during the business days and by the authorized person.

Bulk Mail

This option is not very suitable for individuals. Large companies, that send many letters very often, need plenty of envelopes. Bulk mail allows customers to get priority and non-priority letters, for very affordable prices. The minimum available amount of envelopes starts from one thousand.

Pickup Service

In case you need to deliver something fast, but you cannot leave your home or workplace just to go to the post office, then Pickup service is for you. It allows clients to simply get in touch with a needed local post office by phone or another way to request a pickup. After that, from the moment of collection, your mail will be delivered within the same city in two hours.

Small Package

Sometimes the mail does not have enough space to put inside something not very large but very important. With Small Package service, the Nigeria Post will collect large volumes of mail and small packages on an agreed frequency, which can be even every business day. Speaking about the price, you will need to negotiate directly with a needed postal office of Nigeria Post.

International Reply

International communication with letters is not very popular but still exists. Quite often, it is more suitable for some eCommerce sellers or business needs. The international reply provides you with a coupon, which addressee can use to send the response back to the sender without any additional fees.

Nigeria Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

While sending a package, the possibility to know its condition and status is quite innovative. With modern technologies in communication, it has become very easy. Every delivery service uses tracking technologies. In order to track packages, the sender receives a special tracking number. In most cases, the format is different in each delivery company. However, the Universal Postal Union has become a mediator with certain rules, which only improves domestic and international delivery. Therefore, much international delivery service has 13 characters format of tracking numbers.

Nigeria Post is a member of the Universal Postal Union. Therefore, it has the same tracking number format with some peculiarities. It begins with two letters, then nine digits, and in the end NG. Here are some examples:

  • RR123456789NG;
  • LS123456789NG;
  • VV987654321NG.

It is necessary to mention, that every package of the shipment receive a unique tracking number. It greatly helps to eCommerce and business sender, who need to send multiple goods per shipment. As every package has a personal tracking number, it allows senders to always know where the packages are. In addition, the tracking number can be shared to an addressee, which will be able to know when the package arrives and where to collect it.

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Mechaiah West
7/17/214:20 PM
It has been two months and I still have not received my packages from US. It is still sitting in Lagos. Should've been in Port Harcourt by now.
Not delivered yet
2/19/206:01 PM
its showing that the package is not recieved at Kano
Not delivered yet
Irene Harris
2/19/201:29 AM
My item has been on transit for 54days and stii counting
Not delivered yet
Ramatu usman
1/27/201:36 AM
I don't know wen my package will reach my place. They said 10days but not gatt any information
Not delivered yet
1/21/206:35 PM
Not delivered yet
1/7/206:17 PM
Not delivered yet
Moses momo
1/4/204:53 PM
Don’t even know what to say
Not delivered yet
Abdulfatai Asejere
12/14/192:54 PM
Since On 4 Dec 2019 this is what I received on my package! Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb) Reason: Failed delivery measure: Scheduled for further action /processing today Nigeria
Not delivered yet
Adesina Idris
12/10/197:43 PM
I didn't receive anything why my item is deliver to me since this days
Not delivered yet
Aminu Abdullahi
11/23/194:58 PM
I don't know by what time my parcel will be ready
Not delivered yet
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