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New Zealand Post is an old and experienced company that offers excellent services of different types. Its history started in the early 1830s and since that time the company has never stopped improving. The communication we have now had little similar to the one people had a few centuries ago, as that time the only delivery option was to rely on passing ships if there was a need for communication. The very first official post office was opened in 1840.

New Zealand Post is one of the largest enterprises owned by the state. The company delivers more than 600 million items of different types to different delivery points. New Zealand Post offers its customers various types of services, including bill payment services, as well as parcel and postal ones.

New Zealand Post Services

As we know, sending letters is not widespread nowadays. Nevertheless, in some cases, it's essential to deliver some important documents (for example, when applying for the 18+ Card, etc.). New Zealand Post offers various services for you to choose from if facing the necessity of sending documents or parcels. Ready to wait? Select cheaper service. Have an urgent delivery? Choose a courier urgent service and your sending will be delivered just in time. Have an oversized parcel? It's not a problem either. So, let's have a look at the services available.

New Zealand International Air Registered

It is possible for your letters or documents to be quickly delivered via this service. The delivery will also take up to ten working days. New Zealand Post tracking is not offered as well. The requirements of the size and weight of your sending are the same as they are in the International Air service.

International Air

International Air is one of the cheapest offers provided by this company. There are 220 destinations around the globe to choose from. Speaking about the delivery, it will take from three to ten days. If you have to send a letter (documents, etc.), there are several envelopes services available. The maximum envelope size is 385mm, the maximum weight is 200g. The amount of money you will have to pay for this service may differ. It fully depends on the physical characteristics of your sending, including its size, a place it goes to, and its weight as well. Please note that this service doesn't offer New Zealand Post tracking.

International Courier

It's possible to utilize this option when sending letters/documents only if the total weight is not more than one kilogram. The delivery via this service will take from two to six working days. Destinations are numerous:

  • Australia
  • Romania
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • China
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • the USA
  • Poland
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • France and many others.

NZ International Express Courier

In case of urgent delivery need, a good choice is to select the International Express Courier service, as this option is a really fast one. Your addressee will have to wait for one to five days for your letter. When delivered, a signature will be required. Customers usually find this service one of the best, as it's fast, and there are no fees for delivery in remote places. The weight of your sending shouldn't exceed 1 kg as well.

International Freight Service

If you face the necessity of sending a big item of an unusual form, this service s just what you need. So, if the heft of your sending is more than thirty kilograms, you won't be allowed to use standard offers, but can utilize this one.

NZ International Air Small Parcel

So, we have already described the serviced one is allowed to use when sending letters or documents. But what about parcels? Let's have a look. The first option you can select is International Air Small Parcel. This service is available if your parcel does not weight more than 2 kilograms. The maximum length is 1,040mm. This service is untracked. The delivery will take from three to ten days. There is also an International Air Parcel Service. The only difference between these two is that it's possible to deliver larger sendings via this one. Those parcels with a total weight of more than thirty kilograms are treated as freight.

Urgent Courier Services

Sometimes there is a need for sending some important documents immediately, and in this case, urgent post services are the best solution. Pace couriers are here for you no matter what is the size or length of your parcel is. In this case, your parcel is delivered the same day you send it. You can also select courier service, but in this case, your addressee will get the sending the next day (speaking about deliveries within New Zealand).

Peculiarities of New Zealand Tracking Number

A normal New Zealand Post tracking number is usually given to parcels and consists of either thirteen characters, ten numbers, twenty-four characters, twenty numbers. So, here are some examples of how it will look like:

  • RR123456789NZ
  • LS123456789NZ
  • 7539931021
  • 171595000427051GWLT006AS
  • 00395000121007516952

So, as you can see, New Zealand Post tracking numbers are different.

How Long it will Take to Deliver My Letter/parcel?

Many people wonder how long the addressee will have to wait for the delivery. Actually, the time depends on the service you have selected and on what you are sending. Speaking about letters, your addressee is likely to get your sending in three days (an average number of days). But note that some services are even faster, so choose the service understanding whether you have time to wait or not. If your addressee lives in a rural area, be ready to wait longer.

As for parcels, delivery time depends on the area greatly. As a rule, it takes from one to three days to deliver your parcel.

Types of Packaging

There are many packaging options for you to choose from. You can either buy packaging or use your own one. Speaking about standard NZ Post packages, there are six sizes of them (both bubble and flat). If you want to buy packaging, you will be then given a pen to fill in all the necessary information on your package. As for the prices, it will cost you from three to ten dollars (the price depends on the package size). Bags are often used if your parcel is not a very heavy one (it shouldn't weight more than three kg). But be attentive, as choosing this type of package you'll have to pay for the postage (it is not included in the price). Boxes are usually utilized if your parcel is a rather big one. The box is usually more expensive than a bag. Using packaging of your own is also allowed. Every parcel is send given a New Zealand Post track, so it won't be difficult to get to know where your sending is right now.

Customer Support

If you have any questions concerning New Zealand Post tracking or having some difficulties utilizing different services, it will be easy for you to find all answers you are looking for. On the NZ Post official website, you can have a look at frequently asked questions and will probably find all answers there. There are two categories of questions: business services and personal services, so it will be easy to find a solution there, as everything is well-organized and clear. If you still have some trouble solving your problem, you can contact the NZ Post support team. The easiest way to do it is to call them. Be attentive, as phone numbers are different for different countries. Besides, if you have some time to wait for the answer, you can write an e-mail. It will take a little bit longer, but usually, a customer won't have to wait for more than several days.

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