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MaltaPost p.l.c. is a main provider of postal (and related) services in the Republic of Malta. This is the only service provider in the country in its field of activity. It has a public status with limited liability, and has been operating since its foundation in 1998, being the successor of the state postal service. It works six days a week and serves all legal entities and individuals in Malta.

MaltaPost p.l.c. sets itself the task of ensuring high quality work with each client around the world, exceeding expectations and focusing on the speed of service and cost-effectiveness. An important emphasis is placed on the quantity and quality of related services. The company is actively introducing modern e-solutions for clients.

Due to company policy, MaltaPost p.l.c. widely popular among Maltese households, which helps the brand scale up in limited market conditions by entering adjacent niches. At the same time, the company's service package is constantly checked and modernized in order to always meet the needs of customers as relevant as possible.


As stated above, MaltaPost p.l.c. was founded in 1998. It was registered in April, and on the next month, the company began working throughout the country and abroad as a general provider of postal services. This brand was born as a result of the reorganization of the former Postal Department in accordance with the order of the General Postmaster.

Since joining the EU six years later, the company has adapted to the new requirements for the regulation. In 2013, a regulation was introduced in the legislation of Malta on the right to provide solutions by private companies in the country, and since then MaltaPost p.l.c. had the opportunity to work in a coherent environment.

Let's delve into the history of the emergence of mail in Malta in principle. It is believed that the beginning was laid in the middle of the 16th century, and regularly grew steadily taking into account the presence of demand for delivery of letters.

The official or “centralized” service history began in 1885 with the founding of the main post office in the capital of the republic, Valletta. The effectiveness of the company has become noticeable from the first days of its work.


The company provides a very wide list of services that satisfies all possible customer requests. The list of services is described in detail on the official website of Malta Post.

We offer to talk about everything here more succinctly. Company services are divided into four main categories:

  • Personal;
  • Business;
  • Business Support Services;
  • Philatelic.

Categories have subcategories, and this information needs to be structured clearly.

Personal Services

They are divided into four subcategories:

  • PostIt;
  • PayIt;
  • BuyIt;
  • FinanceIt.


The main category of company solutions is fast and safe delivery of client letters and correspondence throughout the country’s territory, and abroad.

Local mail

Delivery of letters and correspondence throughout Malta. Delivery is on the same day or the next day in most cases.

International mail

Services for sending letters and correspondence around the world. Malta Post operates almost all over the world, and its activities cover over 190 countries. The company provides air delivery to most countries in Europe, the UK, Russia, Australia and the United States on the next business day. Parcels are sent to other countries twice a week. Insurance services are available.

Mail Forwarding Services

Forwarding letters and other things in the country at the request of the client.

Postage Stamps

Malta Post issues its own stamps. In addition to shopping at post offices, you can order any quantity online with free delivery to an address in the country.

Parcel Post

Parcel delivery services up to 30 kg worldwide. Delivery is also carried out to almost all countries, and delivery times are usually from 3 days. Delivery with assurance of the recipient is possible. In addition to air delivery, Malta Post provides the opportunity to send non-urgent parcels to selected countries of the world in a combined way, including, in addition to aircraft, sea and land delivery routes.

Courier Delivers

Safe targeted delivery services at a convenient time for persons on request. It includes delivery by company services around the country and around the world, including the services of a network of local couriers in different countries.

P.O. Boxes

Possibility to rent a dedicated mailbox. Mailboxes are located at almost all company’s points in Malta, as well as at the airport. Any sizes are available.

Redirection of Mail

It is enough to notify Malta Post so that they forward all letters and parcels to the new address of residence and inform the senders about this.

Registered Mail

Guaranteed solution for sending letters and parcels (receipt of a letter or parcel by the sender). The mail asks for a signature from the recipient upon delivery of the shipment. The service costs extra money, and the sender receives the transfer in the form of the signature of the recipient.

Temporary Mail Custody

The client makes a request indicating the time of his absence at the address, and the company stores incoming letters and parcels until the moment of return.


If the client’s signature is not relevant for several reasons, every person can use this service to track the shipment. This can be done by both the sender and the recipient by invoice number. Solution includes a wide range of statuses, including, for example, a postman's notice that a letter or parcel is not placed in the mailbox without damage and can’t be transferred to the recipient personally.

Poste Restante

The worldwide sending of letters and parcels to the central office on demand. Optimal for foreigners and tourists who come to Malta and have a need to receive a letter or parcel. Available for regular mail and registered letters; shelf life is up to 3 months.


The category of postal services associated with checks and bills.

Bill Payment

A common service for paying all bills in Malta, including utilities, Internet, mobile solutions, taxes and so on.

Payment of Income Tax Dues

Fast and easy payment of VAT and income tax at post offices throughout the country. It is enough to fill out the payment form on the form, indicate the amount and attach the money. Malta Post only accepts payment, but does not fill out documents and does not advise clients.

Local and Foreign Money Orders

The ability to make local or international payments without a checkbook. Also available is the option of delivering payments to a selected group of foreign countries. Everything is very simple, because it is enough to write the name and address of the person who pays, as well as information about the person receiving the funds.

Western Union Money Transfers

Sending money transfers to anywhere in the world using Western Union. The ability to send money to more than 200 countries with a high degree of protection and quick check of delivery status. This service is not available at Valletta South Street Post Office.

Social Security Cheque encashments

The ability to cash a Malta social security check quickly and easily at all post offices at a whole territory. The service is designed to cash out checks issued by the Ministry of Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity, and the cost of the service is 1.95 euros.


Personal financial services are grouped together in this subcategory.

PostalPay & Safe

Issuing a branded debit card that can be used to earn salaries in Malta.


Assistance in the purchase of residential real estate, including loans for the construction of a house, or obtaining a mortgage.


This includes products that are sold under the Malta Post brand.

Postage Stamps

Sale of postage stamps with delivery.

Philatelic Items

Sale of vintage and collectible postage stamps, copies of silver stamps and cast models for philatelists.

Personalized Stamps

Making personalized postage stamps that are designed to preserve pleasant memories of memorable dates, such as anniversaries and weddings.

Personalized Postage Paid Envelops

Sale of paid postal envelopes as an additional guarantee of the quality and safety of letters sent.

One4All Gift Vouchers

Malta Post has an affiliate network of about 400 stores and service outlets in Malta and Gozo. Everyone can buy a branded gift card at Malta Post, so that the recipient can exchange it for goods and services at these points of partners. The chain of stores includes hairdressers, beauty salons, jewelry, clothing, home and garden goods, and so on.

Telephone And Mobile Cards

Paying for landline telephone services, as well as selling vouchers for all mobile operators that work in Malta.

Photocopy Bureau Services

Sending packages from online stores around the world in Post Office on Campus. The list of solutions here also includes printing, scanning and other standard printing services.


A wide assortment of stationery for home and office.

Business solutions

The business services category includes three main specialized areas of assistance to firms and companies:

  • OrganiseIt;
  • CourierIt;
  • DeliverIt.

Each subcategory contains a range of services that can completely fill the needs in the context of mail services for businesses of any scale.


Assistance in organizing business processes, including document management, automation of storage, delivery and receipt of mail and so on. Full outsourcing that saves time and money at competitive prices.

Document Management

All types of management of confidential information and company documentation, including safe long-term storage.

Pick Up And Delivery Of Mail

Organization of the collection and delivery of mail in a convenient schedule for the company.

Bulk Posting

Help in organizing mass mailing of letters of the same type, parcels and other correspondence from 50 recipients and more, which corresponds to marketing tasks.

Redirection of Mail

Resending of parcels and letters to the new address, as well as informing senders of the fact of its moving to a new place.

Temporary Mail Custody

Temporary storage of incoming things in the inactive period.

Business Reply Service

Improving the quality of the response from the marketing and business mailing by developing a unique design of envelopes and other features.


This service includes assistance with fast and accurate targeted delivery of items using the Malta Post Courier Network, as well as affiliate networks, both domestically and internationally.

EMS International Courier

Totally safe delivering of documents, mail or goods. It offers a range of business solutions. The service allows you to receive a parcel from any address in Malta and Gozo and worldwide. Shipping is available in more than 70 countries. Assistance with customs clearance for sending to countries that are not members of the EU is possible and amounts to 15 euros.

MaltaPost Express International MEI

Extremely fast delivery of parcels to more than 200 countries, including the possibility of insurance.

Local Courier

Immediate delivery by courier to anywhere in Malta and Gozo, including any businesses and individuals. Includes express delivery in 3 hours (application is possible until 16:00), delivery on the same day (placing the order before 00:00) and next day delivery.

Payment Collection Service – Cash on Delivery

The ability to quickly pay by the recipient for the delivered goods.


This category includes all specialized services for the delivery of letters and parcels for businesses.

Courier Deliveries

MaltaPost offers a wide range of courier services for domestic and international mail.

Mail Forwarding Service

The ability to get a mailing address in another country to forward orders for cases when delivery is not possible directly.

Bulk Mail

Assistance in organizing mass B2B / B2C mailing with all types of related services.

Parcel Post

Parcel delivery services of up to 30 kg worldwide for 10-20 days, or a low-cost option that takes a little longer.

Business Support Services

In addition to postal services, Malta Post offers a number of additional solutions for businesses.

Two categories are noted here:

  • ManageIt;
  • MarketIt.

Let’s check each of them.


Optimization and outsourcing services of the company's routine business processes.

Document Management

Collection, management and storage of confidential corporate information. A guarantee of round-the-clock monitoring and protection against any external factors that could harm the documentation

Outsourcing of back office tasks

Managing mailing invoices, receipts, regular letters for clients and business partners using Malta Post.

Door to Door Marketing

Management of marketing materials of the company, development of advertising, distribution to large customer bases.


Eco-friendly recycling of office waste, including paper, CDs and much more, guaranteeing the confidentiality of corporate data.

Response Management

Support service Malta Post, which will provide processing of incoming correspondence from customers and partners.


Development and implementation of logistics routes from Malta Post. Courier delivery inside, as well as worldwide shipments of any format and destination.

Customized Postal Services

Personalized postal services for businesses, including delivery to any local and international addresses.

Data Collection

Processing and organizing business data to simplify company management, ensure its growth and development.

Corporate Gifts and Philatelic Items

Issue of individual corporate stamps to order, including different postage marks of a different type.

Temporary Mail Custody

Storage of corporate mail during the inactivity of the company.

Private Posting Box Services

Personal mailbox on the territory of the company or in any convenient place with the ability to deliver correspondence there.

Web Services for Online Shopping

Assistance in the creating and effective web store in Malta, including costing systems, selection of delivery options, and so on.


Commercial marketing services for Malta businesses.

Direct Mail addressed / unaddressed

Mailing lists of any type to hot and cold readership in Malta and Gozo.

Personalized Stamps

Unique mail (letters for mailing) in the organization of marketing campaigns; production of individual corporate products, including stamps and envelopes.

Philatelic services

Sale of serial and individually designed stamps of the Republic of Malta.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Most tracking numbers Malta Post for letters and parcels have a standard structure. Next, we list all the possible patterns:

  • A#*********MT;
  • B#*********MT;
  • C#*********MT;
  • E#*********MT;
  • I#*********MT;
  • L#*********MT;
  • R#*********MT;
  • S#*********MT;
  • U#*********MT;
  • V#*********MT.

# is an any random letter

* is a number

MT is a country’s indicator (Republic of Malta)

Tracking parcels by track number is quite simple. You need to do several simple steps for it.

  • Open the Malta Post website.
  • Enter in the special window your tracking number.
  • Click “Search” and get detailed information about the movement of the parcel along the entire route.

Time of delivery

Delivery of letters and parcels in Malta is from 3 hours to 1 business day, depending on the type of service selected.

Delivery of international shipments is, for letters from 1 day (USA, Australia, the European Union and some other countries) to 2-3 days for other destinations, or from 3 days (for parcels to the listed countries) and more.


Malta Post demonstrates outstanding focus on a wide range of customer needs. In addition to perfectly established delivery routes within the country, Malta Post effectively delivers letters and parcels around the world, and also scales the business with a wide range of related services for individuals and local businesses.

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Marijana Cetkovic
5/18/202:35 PM
Registered mail from Serbia 40+ days in transit. Covid19 situation, understandable, but it is too much. And who knows when it will arrive.
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Our user
2/4/206:09 PM
Maltapost lose around 45% of the packages I order and by lose I mean STEAL
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Peter Azzopardi
1/29/202:29 PM
Malta Post is very efficient ..... once the item or letter actually arives in Malta, baring complications like being held back by Customs, Malta Post delivers within the next 2 working days, many times next day.
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12/16/199:02 PM
Where is my parcel I can't whate longer I need did for work
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Ray Biagio Pace
11/26/193:57 PM
Nothing more to add to what i have been years telling them......
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Our user
10/29/1911:57 PM
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10/27/1911:41 PM
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