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Pos Malaysia Berhad is a publicly-traded government-linked company located in Malaysia.  It is a Malaysia postal service that is well-known as Pos Malaysia. The history of this company has its roots in the early 19th century.

Postal services of Malaysia get started in the early 1800s  only in 3 regions.  By the beginning of the 20th  century, it was spread across the whole country. Those days mail was delivered by dispatch riders and special messengers. People needed to pay fees in post offices while handing their mail to officers. The stamp absence system had been later discarded because of the introduction of stamps from India with crown and Straits' stamps overprinted with dollars and cents. It was 1901 when the first stamps batch was released.

The middle of the 1950s became a bloom of The Malaysian post, then known as Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos  (Postal Services Department). It adopted many functions of the other Governmental departments. Pensions, sale of different licenses, bills payment, etc. were included in the functionality of the Postal Services Department.

In the 1990s, Pos Malaysia Berhad turned from the public department into a corporation. In September of 2001, Pos Malaysia Berhad appeared on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Nowadays, the Malaysian postal company unites many strategic units with more than 23 thousand of employees. Thus, it has many spheres of postal activity both for physical entities and businesses. Let's discuss them.

Domestic postal services for physical entities

First of all, Pos Malaysia provides a range of inner delivery services that one can find on the official website with fulfilling and sufficient information. The population of Malaysia has such opportunities as:

  • Standard mail sending. There is a standard mail envelope specification description with min and max requirements with different weight tariffs
  • Non-standard Mail. This option is described for noncommercial and commercial postage.
  • Mel Rakyat. It is a specialized prepaid letter made of unique paper that allows the letter to be foldable, and it has self-adhesive sides
  • Postcards. One can choose personalized stamps or commercial purpose optionally
  • Registered mail. This type choose people who want to track the mail and be sure it will find right hands
  • Resources For The Blind. Books, magazines and other periodical publications in Braille are available for the blind people

Pos Malaysia has a rich range of parcel, courier, and express delivery:

  • Same day delivery. The same-day delivery of a shipment within coverage area in Klang Valley (central area of Malaysia)
  • Next day delivery. It is a convenient overall country courier service providing a client the next day delivery of a parcel with the biggest last mile coverage
  • Time certain service. This option proves delivery by 10:00 AM next day across the whole country large cities
  • Pos Parcel. A convenient delivery service for shipment at an affordable and economical cost with the options of surface or air delivery mode up to 7 working days
  • Pos Ekspress. This solution is developed for efficient and money-saving delivery of documents using Next Day Delivery
  • Motorcycle Delivery. If one wants to have a parcel delivered through the Malaysian Peninsula and Eastern Malaysia from 7 to 14 working days by motorcycle, Pos Malaysia gives such an opportunity
  • FlexiPrepaid. A flat-rate and budget-friendly solution for e-commerce delivery needs with price growing depending on the size of an envelope from 4 to 8 working days
  • Value Added Service. One can always buy some pick-up and packaging services, for instance, choose the packaging type

International post services for physical entities

International post services are also provided by Pos Malaysia and its number is not less than domestic ones. International mail options include:

  • Airmail. Refers to any letter, for example, Malaysia post to the USA which does not include International Small Packet and does not exceed 1kg transmitted by air. That may be items such as letters, self-mailers, cards, bills, etc. with the estimated time of delivery 4-10 days
  • Surface mail. Weight and package requirements of this variant are the same as the previous one, but it is cheaper and much slower (4-16 weeks) and preferably for non-urgent items
  • FlexiPack International. This service offers flat-rate prepaid boxes or envelopes  in 5 different sizes and provides door-to-door delivery service with coverage areas divided into 2 zones depending on destination countries
  • Small packet. A good approach to not exceeding 2kg not large shipments such as gifts, goods, commercial samples, audio/videotapes, transferred to a foreign country by plane
  • Add-on label. There are 2 options for a label. International Registered Label, for example, RR123456789MY, will provide proof of delivery but not full Pos Malaysia tracking features for International Air Mail, International Small Packet, and Flexipack International. Tracked Label, for instance, LP123456789MY,  will offer mail drop delivery to recipient's letterbox with online Pos Malaysia tracker for International Small Packet and Flexipack International
  • Pos Express International. It is possible to send documentation of weight not more than 2 kg within 4 to 6 working days
  • Air parcel. One can send any parcel with merchandise or bulky and heavy things sent to a foreign destination by air max up to 30 kg with the estimated delivery time from 5 to 16 working days
  • Surface parcel. The same weight up to 30 kg will be delivered within 3-18 weeks by sea much cheaper

Mail and e-commerce solutions for business

Here are most popular of services for enterprises of all sizes and various specializations in Malaysia and not only, that Malaysian post operator delivers:

  • Corporate Postal Solutions (CPS). This service means management of the whole incoming and outgoing mail flow,  inter-department mail delivery, courier support as well as hand-delivered mail (dispatch services)
  • Definitive Stamps. Special stamps for a business that come in different types of denominations. They show the unique face of a business when they are delivered with letters, postcards, etc.
  • Franking. Due to franking machine postal items are obtained with a posting date and value of posting paid where the stamp usually is. Own especial franking print makes business more professional and self-sufficing in the eyes of partners and customers. Furthermore, it is a time-economical method provides no limits of franking
  • Online business setting up. This option means an end to end eCommerce solution including an online store to engage with customers and to sell products, integrated payment gateway, warehouse storage, pick and pack, handling services as well and finally, last mile delivery of goods
  • Warehouse only solution. It is half of a previous one. Here is first mile delivery, warehousing, order management, and last mile delivery of ordered goods

To sum up, Pos Malaysia is a confident player in the international post arena that keeps up with times and provides various options for people and enterprises worldwide.

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