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Latvia Post is the main postal service in Latvia, owned by the state. Founded in 1992, nowadays Latvia Post offers its customers numerous options for shipping goods of different types. The mission of this organization is to provide good postal services throughout Latvia and around the globe, reaching even the most remote areas. The company offers both traditional postal services (mail delivery, etc.) and modern offers to keep pace with today's life. So, let's have a look at the services one can use.

For Individuals

Latvia Post offers a variety of services for individuals, including mail shipments, parcel shipments, and more.

Simple mailings

It is possible to send unregistered and untraceable shipments via this service. They will be delivered directly to the mailbox of the recipient. All types of written notices can be sent both domestically and internationally. One can send a letter by throwing it in a letterbox or at any Latvia Post post office. The maximum weight is 2 kilograms.

Traceable mail

If you want to send documents, written notices, postcards, and so on, traceable mail can suit all your needs. It is possible to watch your item throughout the entire way. All items sent via this service are delivered in a recipient's mailbox. No signature is required. Traceable shipments can be delivered both internationally and domestically. The list of destinations accessible includes Great Britain, Iran, Italy, Austria, Poland, Finland, Germany, Belarus, and more.

Recorded mail

Recorded mail service offers more convenient and faster communication. It's better to indicate the recipient's phone number, as the recipient will be informed about parcel arrival. The weight limit for this service is 2 kilograms.

Insured mail

If you are going to send some valuable documents or goods, insurance is a good choice. Your parcel will be insured against loss or damages, and you will get compensation if there are any problems. The sum of compensation may not exceed the value of the items placed in the consignment. It is possible to send all types of written notice, including birth or marriage certificates, lottery tickets, passports, etc. The maximum weight is 2 kilograms, and the maximum size is 60 cm.

Parcel terminals

Latvia Post provides an opportunity to send/receive parcels using parcel terminals. There are more than 60 terminals in Latvia. The main benefit of this service is its convenience, as it is possible to get a parcel at any time. It is even possible to store parcels in terminals (up to five business days).


Pigeon service is a nice opportunity to create a postcard of your own unique design and send it to one or multiple addresses. It is possible to do this without leaving home, all you have to do is choose a picture you'd like to turn into a postcard and upload it on a special portal. Then attach a message, indicate the address, pay for it via your bank card and voila - your postcard will be delivered soon.

For Companies

Latvia Post provides companies with safe and cost-effective postal and advertising solutions, so let's check those.

Shipping Circle K

This service is used by online stores mostly. So, it is possible to send shipments from your online store to the customer at one of more than fifty Circle K gas stations throughout Latvia. Usually, the delivery takes up to ten days. Besides, one can receive shipment 24/7. Latvia Post tracking is available.

Postman in the office

If you don't want to waste your time going to the post office to send a parcel or letter, Latvia Post has a postman service than will help you to avoid it. So, a postman will arrive at your office to get all items you'd like to send. All types of letters are accepted, including simple, insured, and registered. Speaking about parcels, they are accepted as well, but the maximum weight is 20 kilograms. This service may even be used by several companies at the same time, so the costs will be reduced.

Advertising in post offices

Advertising in post offices means access to a wide audience, so the number of your clients will likely increase, as almost half of Latvia residents have visited a post office at least once. Using this service, the company can introduce various products (catalogs, booklets, samples, etc.). It is also possible to place advertising posters, small stands (70 x 30 x 50 cm), and more.

Money Transfers

Latvia Post makes it possible to send cash to more than 26 countries around the globe or domestically. It is easy to send money, as all you have to do is state the sum of money, and personal data of the recipient. Domestic money transfers are sent on the same day, while cross-border money transfers may take up to 14 business days.

Forbidden Items

It is prohibited to send some items because of their danger, so let's have a look at the list of those:

  • drugs, narcotic substances;
  • erotic materials;
  • prohibited for export items;
  • explosive substances;
  • highly flammable substances;
  • radioactive substances;
  • money, coins, checks;
  • animals.

All these items will not be accepted, so make sure your package doesn't contain any of these.

Latvia Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

It is easy to check the current status of a parcel or letter using Latvia Post tracking. You just enter your Latvia Post tracking number and get the current status of the shipment instantly. Latvia Post tracking number starts with two letters, followed by nine digits, and ends with two letters (indicating the country). Here are several examples:

  • CP433023648LV;
  • CP649325792LV;
  • CP764339921LV.

Latvia Post Average Delivery Time

Latvia Post does not guarantee that you will receive a package on a specific hour of the day. There are many factors influencing delivery time, including the service you choose, and the distance between two countries. In general, it takes from several days to several weeks to deliver the package. If there are some delays, it may take even more. Speaking about domestic packages, they usually arrive in several days.

Latvia Post Customer Support Service

In case you need some help, Latvia Post's customer support team can help you solve any problem. On the website, you can find their phone number and e-mail, so you can use both to ask what you are interested There is also a large number of common questions, answers, solutions that are easy to find on the website.

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11/26/236:56 PM
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9/14/2311:25 PM
Pasta darbinieki nesniedz sakarīgu paskaidrpjumu.Vispār nev ieinteresēto sūtījuma meklēšanā.Nesadarbojas ar citiem pastiem,atstājot sūtījuma meklēšanu klientam.Tāda sajūta,ka jebkurš zvanītājs traucē viņus un atrauj no kaut kādiem darbiem.
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11/14/2210:35 AM
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Viktoriia Fatieieva
2/15/2212:26 PM
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1/26/2211:39 PM
Please never send anything by Latvian post.
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Payman Jaroezad
1/19/224:21 PM
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Anna Voskoboinikova
1/4/222:37 AM
Didn’t recieve any massage on my phone about my order was delivered. Last time they sent. And my order was returned
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1/3/222:35 PM
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12/30/214:23 PM
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Oskars Sneiders
12/21/2111:38 AM
ludzu atgrieziet naudu vai paku. tas kas sutija tas aisutija manu paku svesam cilvekam.
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