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French delivery since the medieval ages have started to develop in different forms. During that time couriers have only started to perform nail delivery in an organized form. Nowadays, many customers are surprised by the high-quality service of La Poste. Most of its options are oriented on European countries and France. Nevertheless, you still can find suitable and convenient solutions for sending packages worldwide.

With a customer-friendly attitude, you can be sure that your parcels will reach the destination. La Post tracking number system is available in many countries. With proper return possibilities, your goods will not be lost. If you need assistance do not hesitate to talk with customer support representatives.

La Poste Home & Europe Shipment Options

La Poste has many options for delivery, but they are very divided according to the destination specifics. They are handled mailny by Colissimo, therefore, if you want to send something within France and European countries, you should consider this service of La Poste.

Delivengo Easy

A great number of packages are not heavy, which makes transportation simpler. Therefore, Delivengo Easy is very convenient to use if your package weighs less than 2kg. For European countries, it will take from 2 to 5 working days. Addressees from other countries will have to wait from 6 to 12 working days.

International Recommended Package

With this option, your shipment is protected from damage, theft, and loss. If something will occur, you can be sure to receive full compensation. In addition, addressees will have to leave a signature in order to collect the shipment. This option suitable for eCommerce and retail sellers.

International Priority Package

Priority shipping is oriented on small packages with low-value products without insurance that has to be delivered very fast. Across the Europe priority package with reach the needed destination within 2-3 working days.

Options For Mail Shipment

Mails are much easier to deliver. They do not occupy a lot of space and are not heavy. However, they may contain documents, which makes them even more important for delivering properly. Therefore, La Poste has plenty of different mail shipment solutions.

Business Export Classic

While managing an international business you definitely will have to exchange important documents. As a fax is not suitable for everything, you will need to mail them. Business export allows to send letters or merchandise up to 2kg to any country in the world.

Standard Export Press

Publishes and writers may need to send their manuscripts or products to other countries without paying too much. Thus, newspapers and magazines to 2kg can reach their subscribers. It is suitable for people who relocate to other countries but still want to receive publications from the homeland.

International Priority Letter

If you need to effectively reach out to your customers, but you have a small business, then this option may be suitable for you. Priority letters can be delivered in 2-3 working days to European addresses, while for other countries it can take a little bit more time.

V-Shipment Solutions

V-shipment is oriented on delivering a large number of packages by land across Europe. It allows you to prepare pallets for delivery.

  • V-Unit. For regular and occasional transportation of 1-3 pallets per vehicle;
  • V-Freight. In case you need urgent and fast delivery of 4-33 pallets;
  • V-Regular. This option allows to prepare a large number of goods to be delivered in a range of 4-33 pallets.

La Poste Tracking Number System

Possibility to track package is very important, especially for product sellers. On another side, such a package difficult to lose for a delivery company. Therefore, every service may have different formats. However, more and more delivery services tend to use a general form, which consists of 13 characters. The same goes for the La Poste tracking number. It begins with two letters that indicate a country from which the package has been sent. In the middle, you have nine random digits and then it ends with another two letters. They indicate the target destination where the package has to go. Here several examples:

  • HU918273645FR;
  • EG098765432FR;
  • LI123456789FR;
  • PO987654321FR;
  • FR564738921FR.

While sending a bunch of packages with one shipment, you should not worry about the inability to track all of them. At La Poste, every parcel or letter that you send receives an individual tracking number. It allows you to select different target destinations for your delivery. After shipment, packages will be distributed to proper transportation means. Therefore. You should not worry if you will see a different time for arriving.

Average Delivery Time

In general, the quality of delivery consists of time and not damaging the package. While making shipments with La Poste you may not worry about your parcels and mail. This service is quite fast even when it comes to international deliveries.

  • Domestic. If you need to send something within France you can be sure that addressee will receive mail or package in 48 hours.
  • International. It does not matter if you are shipping something from France to other countries or vice versa. Without any delays at customs, your packages will be delivered in 4 to 9 working days as it also depends on how far the target destination is.

It does not matter whether you are using international or domestic shipments. You can always check packages location with their tracking number.

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11/21/237:00 PM
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11/8/231:13 PM
nedēļu kā sūtījums LV, bet nav piegādāts!
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10/10/2310:41 PM
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Soigneur Bob
5/21/239:06 PM
I purchased an Ideale vintage bicycle saddle from a 100%-rated eBay seller in South East France in The Jura. The saddle made it 5000 miles to my town. It was not delivered the last 5 miles because La Poste marked it as some sort of unshippable cultural relic. US Postal was obligated to return it 5000 miles to France. I bought another Ideale from another 100%-rated eBayer and the saddle did not even make it out of the Bordeaux area before it was returned to sender for the same reason. Both packages provided tracking, but it was shoddy and I never knew where my 2 parcels were. 2 months of stress and misery. Merci, La Poste! PS: Finally, I bought a brand-new Dutch Lepper saddle from Amazon Germany and it arrived from a tiny bicycle shop in the hinterlands of Deutschland, via Poland, in 4 DAYS!!!
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1/25/235:20 PM
El Hadji Moctar Ba
1/4/234:49 AM
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12/7/2211:37 AM
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Asad ali
11/20/221:01 AM
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