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Postal communication has always been in great need, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos is not an exception. So, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications was established in Laos to meet people's needs. The national postal company offers a standard list of services: both domestic and international shipping (economy delivery, standard and express post), financial, and information features.

Laos Post Postal Services

Laos Post offers different services, aimed at meeting people's needs, so one can choose what suits his/her needs better. So, let's have a look at those services to get to know more.

Delivery and Distribution

Laos Post offers postal services for the distribution of various printed materials, like magazines, postcards, newspapers, etc. (both domestically and internationally). Laos Post uses its own buses to provide quick and safe delivery. Airlines and regional buses are also used. Besides, Laos Post can deliver parcels to many destinations around the globe.

Domestic and International Mail

It's possible to send various items to different places, as there are many destinations available. All you have to do to send a package/letter is to leave it at the post office or simply put it in the mailbox. The weight limit for this service is 2 kilograms. There are several types of items accepted, including a letter, a postcard, a small package, and a printed matter. The price for this service may be different, as it depends on the weight of your delivery, the destination country, and the transportation type.

Domestic and International Express Mail (EMS)

Express Mail Service is usually used for delivery product samples, documentation, and so on, delivered in accordance with the rules and conditions set by the post office. The length of a package should not exceed 1.50 meters, but it may be different for different countries. The maximum weight is 20 kilograms, but for some countries it can be up to 30 kg or 31.5 kg. There are more than 80 destinations accessible.

Laos Post Products

In addition to general envelopes, Lao Post also produces a wide range of other types of envelopes to meet the needs of customers. There are different envelopes, aerograms, and so on.

Postage stamps are used for international air freight payments at a special postal rate (fixed price). Lao Post has a huge number of postal stamps of all types, so the collectors will certainly be interested in those. One can have a look at the gallery of Lao Post stamps on the official website. People are looking for more, so nowadays Lao Post is working on postcards and souvenirs, so we can expect new products in the near future.

Laos Post Financial Services

The company also has several financial services, including:

  • Domestic online deposit and payment service. This is an express money transfer service that can be used by residents of the country through a modern computer network. All you have to do is use your ID card and phone number and you can receive money at post offices nationwide in just 15 minutes.
  • Online overseas deposit and payment service (Lao-Thai money transfer). Customers can transfer money from Laos to Thailand at post offices all over the country. The customer enters the details about the recipient into the special form (in case the customer is not yet registered, the customer should register the member first). The customer also has to pay the transfer fee.
  • Money transfer via Western Union. Western Union is an international express money transfer service. Within minutes, money can be sent and received at any post office nationwide with the Western Union logo. Before depositing or receiving money, the customer must complete the form provided by the banker and submit it to the staff to proceed according to the regulations. There is no limit on the amount of money you can send or receive.

Bill Payment

Laos Post can also help people to pay for electricity, water supply, or telephone. It is possible to pay electricity, water supply, and telephone bills all over the country, either in cash or check. The customer receives a receipt from the staff once the procedure is completed.

Laos Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

There are two types of packages that can be tracked. The main criterion is the weight, so a parcel of a total weight of fewer than 2 kilograms may not be tracked. EMS parcels are always registered, so they receive tracking numbers. Those looking for an opportunity to check the status of a parcel find Lao Post tracking very convenient. So, the Lao Post tracking number usually starts with two letters, followed by nine digits and two more letters in the end. Here are several examples:

  • RT453865942LA - for small parcels;
  • CA763254739LA - for bigger ones;
  • EE764937261LA - for express deliveries.

To check the current location of a parcel, all one has to do is to enter the tracking number in a field on a "Tracking" page on the official website.

Laos Post Average Delivery Time

The delivery time may be as different, as destinations offered by this company. There are several factors influencing the delivery time. The most crucial ones are the size and weight of a parcel, and the destination itself. If the destination is not remote, the delivery may take about two weeks. Speaking about more distant areas, one may wait for a delivery from 15 to 45 days. In some cases (if there are any delays because of bad weather or customs problems) it may take up to 90 days for a parcel to be delivered.

Most Frequent Problems

Those who have never used postal services may find it difficult to send goods via any postal operator. For such people, there are many convenient tools on the Laos Post website. For example, one can find nearby post offices and rates. Besides, you can have a look at the list of destinations accessible, get to know more about the company, and track your shipment there.

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12/28/205:49 PM
Bom dia, não estou gostando, estou achando péssimo, pois a 51 dias estou aguardando uma encomenda e não chegou nada e nem me mandam informações. Vou até cancelar esta compra. Att. Vanderleia s. Costa.
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Derrick tant
7/9/201:07 AM
Where is it comes
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6/17/206:25 PM
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Sebastian Hupfer
5/4/208:15 PM
I still wait for over 40 days , still not receive, horrible
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SAlviano Junior
4/16/207:44 PM
Hello LAO, Could you let me know information about my package UA0***8LA ? Thank you, Salviano Junior +55 11 986192459
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B Wallis
4/6/202:29 AM
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Our user
3/25/202:56 AM
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3/8/2011:00 AM
There is something wrong here, how come this parcel is meant to come to South Africa while ago but the update still shows the percel is still in Laos. I don't have a trust anymore in Laos, am not even certain if I will ever receive my parcel RB0***3LA. So disappointed.
Not delivered yet
1/19/2010:19 AM
Slow speed
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12/10/193:42 AM
Quería saber cuándo llega mi paquete y en qué correo me lo mandaron por qué no lo puedo rastrear mi pedido o me lo mandan directo a mi domicilio gracias
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