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Kenya Post Carrier Info & Tips

Kenya Post was founded in 1998. This company specializes in providing both postal and financial services to all parts of Kenya. Nowadays Kenya Post is considered to be one of the most affordable communication platforms in Kenya. There are more than 600 offices located nationally. Now, let's learn more about Kenya Post services and destinations.

Mail Services

Domestic Mail

This service allows Kenya Post customers to send mail items to any post office in Kenya they want. The item will be delivered within a day in the same town. Speaking about other destinations, it will take up to 2 days to deliver packages to the rest of the country.

International Mail

This service offers numerous destinations around the globe. The items are transported by air, land, or sea (depending on the client's requirements). The delivery time varies from one country to another.

Franked Mail

Kenya Post offers a franking Meter Machine that provides a more convenient alternative to affixing postage on mail. Those are available in different sizes, depending on the client's needs and requirements. A license is required to operate such a machine.

Bulk Mail

This service is the best choice for those who have 50,000 or more pieces of mail per month. Bulk Mail consists of three services. including pre-paid service, deposit account holders, and service agreement.

Private Letter Boxes/Bags

Private boxes are a great option for those looking for extra security and safety. There are more than 400,000 private boxes across the country. There are several types of such boxes to suit all customers.

  • individual boxes;
  • corporate boxes;
  • special corporate boxes;
  • boxes for learning and religious organizations;
  • stand-alone boxes.

Posta Cargo

Posta Cargo is the service that provides full logistics for customers importing items of different types (utilizing Posta Parcel or EMS services). This service is rapid and cost-effective. If there are any delays, you will get to know about it with the help of Kenya Post tracking.

EMS Services

EMS services include services that can be used for sending either parcels or documents of different types. There are both domestic and international services. All EMS services are rapid, secure, and highly affordable. The prices you can find on the official website. EMS can be used for sending packages to more than 3,000 destinations around the globe and more than 280 destinations nationally. So, what is offered?

  1. EMS International. This service is used for sending parcels/letters abroad. Kenya Post tracking is provided. EMS International also offers customers customs clearance services. Costs are determined by weight and destination.
  2. EMS Domestic. This service can be used for about 300 destinations within the country. One can track Kenya Post parcels as well. This service is one of the fastest offered by Kenya Post, as all your items will be delivered within a day if there won't be any delays (on working days). The weight limit for parcels sent via this service is 50 kilograms.
  3. EMS Bulk Rate. This service is used for big and heavy shipments. The price depends on the weight of a shipment.
  4. EMS Customized. This EMS service is designed to meet various people's needs. For example, it can be used by those who need to move heavy household goods (either from one city or place to another or even to another country). The goods are usually delivered within a week. The price depends on the size and weight of the items you want to relocate.

Posta Parcel

Domestic Parcels

All parcels of a total weight of no more than 50 kilograms can be sent via this service. There are more than 400 post offices in the country, so the delivery takes 2-3 days.

International Parcels

It is possible to deliver parcels to almost any place in the world. Delivery by air usually takes 5-13 days, while those delivered by land reach the destination in 1 week - 3 months. Declaration of contents of a parcel is essential for all parcels that are sent overseas, as all of them need customs clearance. The weight limit for this service is 31.5 kilograms.

Travel Lite

Travel Lite is a safe and convenient way to deliver all your luggage when you are traveling back home. All the luggage will be delivered to a post office near your home. It's important to put the label on your luggage. On the label, you should write your name, address, phone number, post office you have selected for the delivery.

Kenya Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

Using Kenya Post tracking number, one can watch a parcel at any time. This is a quick and simple way to monitor a parcel throughout the entire way. When choosing a service to send your goods, make sure it includes Kenya Post tracking not to worry about your parcel in the future. Kenya Post tracking number is composed of letters and digits. This number is unique, so no other parcel will have the same. Here are several examples of Kenya Post tracking numbers:

  • Rx532875184KE;
  • Cx385612390KE;
  • Ex612459375KE.

Those tracking numbers that start with Rx are small packages. For 2-20 kilograms parcels tracking numbers have Cx initial letters. And EMS parcels are given Ex initial letters.

Kenya Post Average Delivery Time

The delivery time for domestic and international packages sent via different Kenya Post services is different. It usually takes 2-3 days for domestic parcels to be delivered, as there are many postal offices to choose from. Speaking about international ones, it may take several weeks or a month.

Kenya Post Customer Support Department

On the Kenya Post official website, one can find plenty of useful information about services available and possible problems one may face. There is a Frequently asked questions" section for those who want to get to know more details or solve some problem. Besides, you can learn terms of use and general information about the company there. If you need to contact a support team to get professional help, you can do this either via the company's e-mail or by phone. All contacts necessary you can find on the website.

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9/30/201:50 PM
Not delivered yet
5/9/201:15 AM
my friend send me stuuf from kenya 2020 feb 17 the day my package was sent until now i did not received please someone help me
Not delivered yet
Joseph Macharia
1/20/207:45 PM
My parcel, a present
Not delivered yet
Our user
1/16/204:38 PM
Not delivered yet
1/13/2010:52 PM
kenya post office is the worst post office in east Africa when it comes to delivering packages and not only can deliveries go weeks without being delivered even when they have reached the post of but they dont give out notification for people to go and pick up their packages/parcel and worse of all is they are well known at delaying notification so they can steal the packages for themselves so be aware when dealing with any kenyan postal service.
Not delivered yet
12/10/194:49 AM
I says my item no dilivary 38 day ago what problem kenya to France postal service
Not delivered yet
Jane mulenju
11/23/1912:23 AM
I send to kenya corporation post office 4/11/19 still not yet receive my package to distinatiom or what?
Not delivered yet
Our user
11/3/191:53 AM
Am.sorry I don get it my package sorry why not still not delivery
Not delivered yet
9/10/194:17 PM
Very slow. Poor service.
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