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The Jordan Post is the national postal company of Jordan, which operates in the country and abroad. Jordan Post provides customers with a comprehensive package of up-to-date postal and logistics services, along with innovative electronic solutions.

The company aims to be a pioneer of postal services at the local and regional levels, consistently scaling the business. To this end, Jordan Post is constantly testing and implementing new best quality standards at all stages and situations of the provision of postal, financial and logistics services through an integrated mail portal. In addition to this, the company relies on the training of competent personnel and finds ways to reduce the cost of services to the maximum possible to attract the attention of customers on a large scale.


The history of Jordan's national postal services goes back to the emergence of the Emirate of Transjordan. It was one of the first national structures in the country. Even then, communication was established between different parts of the country. The postal, telegraph, and telephony service officially began with the creation of the first government called the Council of Administrators. This happened in 1921.

Initially, the company network consisted of eight structural divisions. Each of them had a telegraph with the ability to quickly transmit messages through Morse code. At that time, the rules, regulations and instructions applied in Palestine during the British mandate were applied here.

Subsequently, the local leadership made a number of changes and improvements designed to build an autonomous postal network taking into account the existing economic, administrative and financial circumstances of the country, and with the ability to quickly adapt to new emerging situations. Then the first set of postal rules appeared, which covered the forwarding of written correspondence, parcels and money orders.

Over time, the Postal Administration appeared, new branches began to appear. More than ten new postal offices were created around 1940, and all of them were already equipped with a telephone line. Mail delivery gradually passed from horses to trains, vehicles, sea deliveries and all other high-speed ways of moving goods.

In 1939, the transformation of the Post, Telegraph and Telephony Service took place, which became part of the newly created Ministry of Transport. This was a big step towards the development of national mail in the country. Subsequently, the Ministry was renamed several times in the "Ministry of Post and Telegraph" and vice versa, but the meaning and place of this structure has not changed. In the following years and decades, the company strove for consistent development, introducing modern and most important communication solutions in the field of postal services, communications and logistics.

The next step was the emergence of the Telecommunications Corporation in 1972, which was autonomous from the ministry. Following this, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission appeared in 1995, and the telecommunications corporation received state status. By that time, a network of branches covered the entire territory of Jordan.

The Jordan Post brand was officially established as a state-owned postal service provider in 2002, and the “Ministry of Post and Telecommunications” became the “Ministry of Information and Communication Technology”. This clearly demonstrates the country's course chosen for the development of postal services. Jordan Post actively goes into the electronic space and provides new solutions that make every day processes of citizens more convenient and faster.

To date, the number of post offices of Jordan Post throughout the country has reached the number of 277 offices, and the network continues to grow as needed. The company works with other government agencies, private and legal entities, providing everyone with a complete set of postal and logistics services.


Jordan Post offers several service lines, each of which offers a valuable set of solutions. These are the following categories of services:

  • Postal;
  • Financial;
  • Electronic;
  • Complementary;
  • Support of E-Government Services.
  • Let's look at each category in detail.

Postal Services

The category of mail and parcel delivery services in Jordan, as well as outside the country.


Service for sending mail to rented mailboxes located in offices, including letters, bills, paper ads and small parcels. Access to the dedicated mailbox is open during the work of the department in which it is located. Access is open directly, without the participation of post office employees. This mailbox is the property of its owner, who is assigned the corresponding key, box number and postal code of the post office, depending on the region. Notifications of updates in the mailbox are available.

The service is available to individuals, banks, private companies, government agencies. The service is provided for 1 year with the possibility of renewal for the same period. If the client agrees to a possible increase in the cost of the service, the contract can be concluded for a period of up to 5 years.


Delivery of letters across the territory of Jordan and to other countries of the world.

Regular Mail

Inexpensive non-urgent delivery of letters in Jordan through post offices and mailboxes. Weight is not more than 2 kg, and tracking is not possible.

Registered Mail

Delivery of letters, docs, invoices, greeting cards, booklets and magazines to the addresses, branches etc. Tracking is available, and the weight of the item should be no more than 2 kg.

Mail Shot

Delivery of advertising materials in print and electronic format on physical media for the general or target audience.


Parcel delivery to post offices or to the address of the recipient. Available to individuals, legal entities, firms, companies and authorities. It is possible to track by tracking number. Parcel weight should be no more than 30 kg.

Express Mail

Urgent delivery of items in more than 100 countries. A tracking number is available for tracking throughout the delivery path. Available weight per parcel is not more than 30 kg.

Postal Authorization

In the case of some postal service, the related party could not perform the service and could not give the opportunity to see the parcel through the Jordan Post, then the interested person may allow another person to pick up the shipment in accordance with the permission or official power of attorney.

Financial Services

Financial funds’ transfer services through the mail network and other relevant financial solutions.

Money Transfer Service

Solution of transferring financial postal transfers between all branches of Jordan Post. One financial transaction will send from 5 to 200 dinars. An international money transfer service is also available in cooperation with MoneyGram.

Bills Collection

Ability to pay bills of landline and mobile (Zain, Orange and Umnia operators) telephones, for electricity (Nordic Power Distribution Company, Jordan Electric Power Company and Southern Electric Company) and water (Jordan Water Company) in all Jordan post offices.

Payment of National Aid Provisions

The National Aid Fund issues national aid provisions through Jordan Post Offices.

Postal Saving Fund

The Postal Savings Fund is an independent institution of state subordination. His activities are focused on saving, financing and accepting savings deposits from investors. Services are provided through Jordan's post offices.


The ability to create an electronic wallet on mobile phones. The service is possible in cooperation with companies licensed by the Central Bank, namely DINARAK, Ma7fazty, Zain Cash, Orange Money and Aya Wallet.

Electronic Services

Modern solutions that translate a number of services into e-space.

Tracking and Following Up Items

The ability to check the path and current location of the letter or parcel, provided that the tracking capability for sending is available. It is enough to enter the tracking number in the appropriate field on the company website to get information about the current delivery status.


The ability to pay phone bills, university fees, travel fines and other bills using the eFAWATEERcom electronic system.

Postal Tariff

A quick postal calculator available on the Jordanian official mail site.

Corneal Verification

Service for refugees with the option of verifying the iris of the eye using devices located in post offices.

Inquiries about Regular Court Notices

Rapid reporting of judicial notices through a unique code that is available on the official Jordan Post website.

Jordan Post Application

Everyone can download the official Jordan Post application, where all services are available in a convenient format. The application is available in Google Play and App Store, and download links are on the official website of the company.

Complementary Services

All additional services that are provided by Jordan post in offices and in other ways.

Revenue Stamps

Sale of official stamps at Jordan post offices.


Telegraphic delivery services nationwide through distributors or by fax, upon request, within and outside the Kingdom for a period not exceeding 48 hours.

Mailing Bags

A special postal service for official authorities, departments and ministries, designed to transport internal mail between management and branches.

Sharia and legal notices and newspaper publications

Delivery of court documents and legal notices through the Jordanian mail network.

Advertising Mail

Creation and distribution of printed materials or information on digital media to the addressee base for commercial advertising purposes.

Phone Cards sale services E-charging

Top-up of mobile phones at post offices (for Umniah subscribers) at reduced prices.


Helping small businesses distribute e-commerce products.

Other Services

This category includes the ability to transfer mail to an account, as well as receiving and transmitting applications for employment, entering a university, and receiving grants.

Support of E-Government Services

Jordan Post collaborates with other government agencies to implement and implement electronic solutions in partnership.

Delivery of Renewed Passports

Ability to apply for a passport renewal. Jordan Post provides delivery.

Other Services

Transfer of information and applications from the Ministry of Justice, Industry and Trade, Labor, Social Development and other government agencies.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Jordan Post provides tracking numbers of generally accepted international standard, which consist of two letters, nine digits and two more letters at the end.

The first letter is the identifier of the type of package:

  • R = Registered Mail;
  • C = Parcel;
  • E = Express Mail.

The second letter and nine numbers are random values to uniquely represent the item.

The last two letters represent the country of departure. In the case of Jordan, it's JO.

Thus, the tracking numbers of Jordan's mail are as follows:

  • RX351947507JO;
  • CN249498047JO;
  • EQ235998122JO.

Time of Delivery

The delivery of letters and parcels in Jordan is 48 hours at the request of the Jordan Post. Often, delivery time can be 1 business day (24 hours). Worldwide delivery is 2-3 business days for Arab countries and 3-4 business days for shipments to other available destinations. In some cases, delivery times are increased to 5-21 business days.


Jordan Post provides a wide range of postal, logistic, financial and electronic services in offices. This is a stable set of solutions that is similar to similar packages of services of various state postal services of other countries of the world. The quality of services is at a decent level.

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