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Jet E-Commerce Logistics is a company that provides professional logistics services for domestic e-commerce companies. Years of operating experience make Jet have a deep understanding of e-commerce logistics and understand the importance of logistics links to e-commerce. E-commerce logistics is different from general logistics. It is not simple cargo transportation. Stable, safe, and timely information feedback is It is the most critical element of e-commerce logistics because the core meaning of e-commerce logistics is the seller's commitment to buyers.

The fastest shipping speed is not necessarily the best service for e-commerce sellers, and punctuality and stability are the most important. Secondly, it can provide timely and accurate feedback of logistics information, let sellers e-commerce always know the progress of goods circulation, know the first time when the goods are abnormal and can deal with the possible disputes in advance, so as to prevent accidents. Therefore, Jet E-Commerce Logistics provides not only transportation services but comprehensive and truly e-commerce logistics services.

Jet E-commerce Logistics can provide e-commerce with a wealth of transportation pipeline resources, including express mail, economic express, multi-national postal parcels, and other channels covering high, medium, and low-end. We can provide professional logistics outsourcing services, from warehousing management to transportation solutions. Tailored to provide the most economical and efficient logistics solution for e-commerce sellers. Jet E-commerce Logistics has entered the e-commerce logistics area with many years of logistics experience. It is willing to develop and grow together with a vast number of e-commerce enterprises.

Jet E-Commerce Logistics Third-Party Logistics Outsourcing

Jet provides full logistics services from warehousing to shipping. Jet completes the operations of storage quality inspection, goods loading, order acceptance, checklist, sorting and packaging, and delivery. Jet provides logistics consulting services for e-commerce sellers. Jet provides professional advice such as routing planning and channel selection. Jet has tailored a comprehensive solution tailored to the company's business.

Post Packet

The Post Packet parcel is an airmail product designed by Jet E-Commerce Logistics for small items. It is also known as "E-mail". Its predecessor is "bulk registered airmail service", which aims to provide e-commerce sellers with a more comprehensive mailing solution. In addition, it allows customers to cooperate with the new electronic customs regulations to be implemented by the US and EU member states. Especially suitable for online sellers to mail items with lightweight and small volume.

EDI data declaration greatly shortens customs clearance time; advance customs declaration can be accelerated. The online mail processing tools simplify cargo handling and posting procedures. Based on the number and weight of postings, greatly save the time of mail processing. It excludes the first weight and continued weight greatly simplifies freight accounting and cost control. You can check posting records, track mail delivery status, the time required, and mail compensation online. Recipients are required to sign for confirmation during delivery, and the safety is more guaranteed.

Jet-International Express Service

Jet-E-commerce Logistics provides customers with a variety of international express services. Acting for DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, ARAMEX international express services. Acting for special line express services in many countries.

Jet-International Packet Service

Jet-E-commerce Logistics is the agent of China Post, U.S. Post, Belgium Post, and other multi-channel postal international parcel services. Jet-E-commerce Logistics has rich experience in international parcel service.

Jet-Overseas Warehouse Service

Jet offers efficient global transshipment services. A high-tech enterprise that provides intelligent logistics solutions for international e-commerce based on the Internet has many years of rich transshipment experience. Through business cooperation and capital acquisition, it has created an international express network platform that radiates the world through multiple channels.

  • Fast transit time, consignment notes can be tracked from time to time and low transshipment costs;
  • The most advanced logistics technology and a group of experienced professional teams;
  • It has a top-level IT team and an industry-leading electronic logistics platform;
  • It has a perfect and huge transportation system;
  • The controllability of service quality is very strong;
  • FBA–European U.S. Europe Air School Shanghai;
  • Overseas Warehouse–Return of goods and exchange of labels, a special delivery line---British-American virtual overseas warehouse.

Domestic Express Mail Service (EMS)

Jet-offers a premium business of China Post Express Logistics, delivers domestic emergency documents and items to users with high speed and high quality and provides various forms of mail tracking and query services. At present, nearly 2000 cities and counties in China have started this business. This service can handle off-site express delivery service and same-city express delivery service.

Jet E-Commerce Logistics Tracking Number

Possibility to track your delivery is very important. Thus, many delivery companies develop their tracking number systems with a specific number format. A great amount of world delivery companies have a common format that allows easily to get up to date information on the shipment. As Jet E-Commerce logistics cooperates with many of them, it uses several number formats.

The first one consists of 13 characters. Such a tracking number begins with two letters, then has nine digits and in the end, it also has two letters, which in most cases are CN. Here are some examples:

  • UK987654321CN;
  • NZ123456789CN;
  • CN192837465US.

The second one rangers from 12 to 15 characters, which include both digits and letters. As Jet E-Commerce Logistics does not have its own number format, it relies on delivery companies. Such tracking numbers look like this:

  • 1Z123A1B345654321;
  • 1B3456543211Z123A;
  • A1B354321B23A4311.

Average Delivery Time

Jet E-commerce logistics cooperates with major delivery companies in the world. Thus, the delivery time generally depends on the destination for package delivery. As a result, your package may arrive in 8 to 14 days or 15 to 30 working days.

How To Get In Touch With JET E-Commerce Logistics?

National Unified Telephone: 4006877805.

  • Yiwu Branch Address: Shanghai Branch, 1st Floor, Building 6, Yi Home Appliances Business Park, No. 251 Shenzhou Road, Yiwu City;
  • Shenzhen Branch, Building 9, No. 68 Yanghebang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai Address: Shenzhen;
  • Wuxi Branch, 1st Floor, Building 4, Longbi Industrial Zone, Bantian Street, Longgang District, 8th Floor, Main Building, No. 819 Xingyuan North Road, Chong'an District, Wuxi City;
  • Nanjing Branch Address: First Floor, Main Building, No. 121 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing.

JET E-Commerce Logistics Reviews

JET E-Commerce Logistics
JET E-Commerce Logistics
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Our user
10/21/204:52 PM
My package was sent before September 25, 2020 and still has not arrived yet. The tracking number states that the package arrived in New York on the 25th of September and has not been received by the post office yet. I can't find out how to contact this business to find out what's happening with my package and when I'm going to receive it. This is completely unacceptable and not a very good business practice. I hope that other businesses will wise up to how this business practices and stop using them.
Not delivered yet
9/11/205:18 PM
Package was picked up September 4 and has fallen off the face of the earth no updates on where it is was supposed to arrive September 10
Not delivered yet
Our user
8/26/205:58 PM
Not delivered yet
8/24/2011:30 PM
Got from China to the USA in 3 days. Takes another 60 days to go from their facility in Atlanta to my house(2 hours away)
Not delivered yet
Our user
8/12/2010:10 PM
They are holding my package it has been 2 months The post office said this happens all the time with them
Not delivered yet
Coretta jackson
7/29/206:23 PM
They leave me an envelope with the tracking number on it the envelope was opened in went to my post office here in Omaha NE and they told me that this was my package what in the thunder is going on with my package could someone please contact me ASAP 402 594 6962 this is very unprofessional thank you
Not delivered yet
Mary Croteau
7/23/208:39 PM
I need to return for a refund! How . Cheap and definitely not a women small .. more closer to a juniors small.
Gwendolyn Bethea
7/23/206:18 PM
I have place an order with Pretty Wish in Shanghai, China two months ago and have not received it as yet. I have sent several emails to Pretty Wish and they continue to say it's in transit. I had made several calls and emails to USPS and they continue to say they have not received the package. I contact Jet E- Commerce and it stated they don't have my tracking number 9***6. Please look into this matter asap to find out what happened to my package. Please send my package to me immediately. Thank you.
Not delivered yet
7/8/203:28 AM
My items have bee held in a facility in Coppell, TX for 2 months. I will probably never receive them. This company is horrible and should not be allowed to continue operations.
Not delivered yet
Patty DiIorio
7/6/206:35 PM
The items I received was junk it was not the right size and not with the website showed I want a refund It was Received almost 4 months After order
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