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Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. is a holding company of the Japan Post Group consisting of Japan Post, Japan Post Bank, Japan Post Insurance, etc. Japan Post aims to be a "Total Life Supporting Corporate Group" that supports the lives of local customers based on the security and trust of the post office network. Japan Post provides safe, reliable, and swift services that meet local needs by making full use of its functions and resources, such as post offices and delivery networks all over the country, to make people's lives last a lifetime. By supporting it, Japan Post will contribute to the realization of a rich life that is full of interaction.

Available Delivery Options


This service is perfect for shipping small packages. Prices are the same nationwide and you can use this service 365 days, at any time, to have your mail delivered to the mailbox. Some people send mail and some people receive it, Yu Packet can be used for easier and convenient communication. Trading is also safe because it comes with a tracking service. You just need to fill in the necessary information on the dedicated address sticker and send it to the post office or post box. You can get the dedicated address sticker at the post office counter. You need to attach a stamp for the packet.

The Yu Packet will be delivered to the mailbox of the delivery destination. The total length of the three sides is within 60 cm, the long side is within 34 cm, and the thickness is within 3 cm and the weight is within 1kg. You can use the tracking service to check the delivery status from submission to delivery.

  • Size within 1 cm – 250 yen;
  • Size within 2 cm – 310 yen;
  • Size within 3 cm – 360 yen.


This service allows you to easily perform freight payment procedures and create address labels at home, and send packages nationwide. You can send it out from the post at any time. You can also check the delivery status with the tracking service. To use Click Post, you need to obtain a Yahoo! JAPAN ID or Amazon account and register to use Yahoo! Wallet or Amazon Pay. Optional services such as express delivery cannot be added. Letters, cash, valuables such as precious metals, and dangerous materials such as explosives and poisonous substances cannot be sent. In the unexpected event of an accident during delivery, Japan Post will not compensate for the damages.

International Package

You can choose from three types of shipping methods: air, sea, and economy air. There is a 10-20% discount depending on the number of customers. Weight is limit allows preparing packages up to 30kg (restrictions vary by country.) With an easy procedure, all you have to do is fill out the necessary information on the special label and then just pop it. Insurance is limited by the country of delivery.

International E Packet Light

Small packages (small items up to 2 kg) handled by SAL, whose delivery status can be checked by a tracking service. When delivered, they are delivered to the recipient's mailbox. The tracking service may not be available depending on the circumstances of the destination country.

International E Packet

By printing a set of dedicated international e-packet labels using the "International Mail My Page Service" online shipping tool, this service offers a low price for small packages of airmail with international registered mail. By printing a set of dedicated international e-packet labels using the "International Mail My Page Service" online shipping tool, this service offers a low price for small packages of airmail with international registered mail.

Small Package

Small items are better than non-standard size delivery. It allows customers to send small items and pay less than international express and packages. As for weight limits, each package may be up to 2 kg. Depending on the destination countries, packages can be delivered via Economy Air (SAL) or with other air and sea options. This service allows them to send ordinary mail like letters and postcards, so they are not treated as records. If you need a record, it is better to use the optional service of registered or receipt notice. Moreover, with is a service you can get a special discounted rate when you need to send 50 or more small parcels at the same time.

Without Recipient Delivery

It is a delivery option, which does not require a courier to meet the recipient personally. It accomplishes delivery to a designated location such as front entrance, delivery bag, delivery box, garage, storeroom, etc. You can conveniently pick up your luggage according to your lifestyle. It solves problems like:

  • Wait for delivery time is wasteful;
  • The recipient has a specified delivery time but wants to go out;
  • The recipient cannot easily receive delivery on weekdays;
  • It is troublesome to carry out redelivery procedures every time;
  • The recipient could not receive delivery even if the recipient wanted to receive it because of taking a shower or sleeping for a while.

Therefore, it allows you to easily pick up your delivery at home without worrying about arrival time. If you have not made it in time for delivery, and have requested redelivery on another day, you can receive it on the same day. You can receive your luggage conveniently even if you have a small child in your home.

This option is suitable for:

  • Yu-mail, Yu-packet, and mail that do not enter the mailbox or the entrance including express delivery, specific records, delivery time zone designation, and delivery date designation.
  • International mail including international regular mail, international specific record mail, international parcel mail, and EMS mail.

It can be used in locations that meet the following conditions.

  • Be in the same building or on the same premises as the recipient's address or residence;
  • There is no risk of accidents because the mail items are not easily known from the outside (installation of a delivery box, etc.);
  • Being able to safely store mail, etc., such as the possibility that mail will not be contaminated due to rainfall, etc.

Customers who wish to deliver to a delivery box or the like when they are out of the office are required to submit the "Request for Delivery to Specified Place" to the delivery post office. If the delivery box you are using meets certain conditions, you can submit a special request form to deliver not only parcels but also registered mail.

Return Back Option

A return pack is a box developed for collection and distribution that changes in size depending on how it is assembled. The return pack is provided to corporate customers in advance, and the customer attaches a dedicated Yu-Pack cash on delivery sheet slip and sends it to the collection destination as a Yu-mail, so that the collection destination can write a new address. There is no need to attach a slip, just reassembling the return pack is enough. You can send it as a Yu-Pack to post offices, affiliated convenience stores, Yu-Pack handling offices nationwide.

Yu-Pack cash on delivery sheet type slip designed for return packs. In the outbound Yu-mail, the destination is the destination of the requester of the return route from the empty window, and the destination is the destination of the return destination from the empty window to the client will be done.

Japan Post Tracking Number

Every service tries to provide the best delivery service. Thus, tracking possibilities play a very important role. As for Japan Post, it has two formats of a tracking number, which you can receive. While sending mail and parcels you receive 11 digit tracking number. There are no letters in this format. When you send something abroad you will receive a tracking number of 13 characters. The first and last two characters are letters, while in the middle are 9 digits. Here are some examples:

  • AK143256789JP;
  • AB987654321JP;
  • VC142356789JP.

Average Delivery Time

  • EMS. In the international postal top priority handling, about 2 to 4 business days will deliver to the country of the recipient.
  • Airmail. Since it is transported by air, the price is higher, but it can be delivered in about 3 to 6 business days.
  • Economy Air (SAL) flights. It is a service that delivers faster than sea mail and the price is set lower than airmail. It takes about 6 to 13 business days to reach the recipient's address country.
  • Sea mail. It takes 1 to 3 months and time, but it can be shipped at a lower price.

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