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Israel Post Company is a wholly-owned government company (100%) of the country, which provides domestic international delivery solutions, along with banking services under the Post Bank which operates as a subsidiary. Israel Post provides mail services to all locations nationwide thanks to a large number of service units. More than 700 branches as well as 50 moving mail lines in which mail items are distributed to customers.

EMS Delivery

Israel Post may, at its sole discretion and operational needs, transfer the mail to the destination country and carry out the handling of the service, including distribution and delivery, by any means and by whatever means as may be necessary, all in accordance with the stipulated service outline.

Letters and parcels can be sent up to 20 kg. Cash, jewelry, or valuables cannot be sent. The service is provided through the postal units. Businesses are recommended to receive the service as courier mail or exporter service subscribers. This is also the way to obtain pickup services from the customer. The EMS service delivers packages within 2-3 business days, to major global destinations. The estimated time to transfer to each country varies according to the destination country and does not include delays caused by the customs clearance process or any other qualified entity.

The estimated time periods required for this item to arrive in each country are listed here. These periods are stated on business days and do not include the day the mail was delivered to the shipment as well as the sabbatical days in Israel and abroad where the EMS service does not work. Information about the estimated time periods, collection times from the postal units, and the list of sabbatical days in Israel and abroad can be given. Receive in the postal units and hotline 171.

This company allows receiving additional compensation beyond the amount of compensation due in case of loss or damage, direct mail item content of international EMS, up to 25,000 NIS. Israel Post provides services to all customers including subscribers of courier service. The insurance does not apply to jewelry and valuables forbidden for shipping in EMS. The compensation enlarged applies to the actual value of the contents provided. Israel Post is not responsible for items in it in case, the sender has declared an amount higher than the actual value of the contents.


EMSdoc service is a fast document delivery abroad at EMS service and special prices. Delivery of documents up to 1-2 kg, within 3 business days to major destinations around the world, with computerized tracking of the item, and at very attractive prices. The service is more suitable for people and entities sending documents abroad. It includes collection from the customer's door, basic warranty, flying, fuel fee, security fee, and delivery to the customer.

The service is available only for subscribers of Israel Post. There is a minimum requirement of 101 items per calendar month. If the quantity does not meet the monthly minimum, then it will be added to the regular EMS shipments and the standard EMS tariffs will be given. The tariff will be provided on the production of a delivery certificate through the portal.

EMS Platinum

It is the most advanced international courier service. As part of the International Business Services Revolution, Israel Post launched EMS platinum as a fast, modern and advanced international mail service that offers safe shipping abroad, at very attractive prices including customs brokerage services in Israel and abroad, and offers you a variety of benefits:

  • Simpler customs clearance for international delivery;
  • Attractive prices. The prices are denominated and there are no extras, no surprises;
  • Basic liability in case of loss or damage and the possibility of extending the insurance up to NIS 25,000;
  • New business portal to improve the production of shipping documents, to track items, and to obtain information on the overseas delivery process.


It is an advanced and lucrative service for overseas shipments, weighing up to 2 kg. With this service customers receive attractive prices including quantitative discounts and additional features for subscribers. Computerized tracking includes up to date information at delivery key points. The proof of delivery and confirmation of electronic delivery is included. The delivery requires around 5-7 business days in most destinations. The high-quality customer support department is always ready to provide assistance. Moreover, compensation for loss or damage in accordance with the terms of service.

Registered Mail

Registered mail service offers you such main features:

  • Delivery Confirmation. The sender receives a confirmation that delivery has been successfully accomplished;
  • Tracking. The shipment can be tracked online what allows senders to know the location of the package during the whole delivery process of registered mail delivery.
  • Addressee's signature. The delivery of the mail to the addressee performs with getting a signature. The service refers to a letter, a postcard, and a pattern.

It is recommended to prepare mail delivery in advance on the My Account page of Israel Post. You can specify all the needed information for the registered mail delivery. Moreover, you can pay for registered shipping. Registered mailers have a duty to register sender information, address, and other details. In registered mail delivery status, the sender receives notification, which includes the item barcode number for tracking.

Fast Registered Mail

Shipping Registered Mail allows customers to send mail up to 50g in the country with delivery within two business days after shipping. The internet tracking option for shipment is included. The sender receives a shipping confirmation at the time delivery has been accomplished and addressee signs upon receiving. The sender can receive SMS on the shipment and delivery without additional charge. You can easily mail something up to 50 grams like documents, certificates, receipts, agreements, checks, etc. It is available from all the postal offices in the country.

Mail 24

With 24 Mail service, the letter will arrive at the recipient's letterbox on the next business day from the day of shipping. Services offer a small price of NIS 4.30 and it cost NIS 2.22 for delivery of over 1,000 letters. For your convenience you can purchase envelops on the website and in all post offices, they are stamped for mail 24 delivery. It offers two types of envelopes:

  • Envelope 16x23.7 cm and with 5mm of thickness can be up to 50g;
  • Envelope 24x34cm and with 20mm thickness can be up to 350g.

The stamped envelopes can be sent through a dedicated box located at each branch, which allows customers to save time without waiting in the queue.

Israel Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

Quite often delivery services have unique tracking number formats. If they do not follow some general guidelines according to the format, it differs. Speaking about Israel Post, it consists of 14 characters. It begins with two letters and ends with IL indicating the Israel Post. In the middle, there are 10 digits. Here are some examples:

  • RR1234567890IL;
  • AU0987654321IL;
  • NZ1236549870IL.

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Ужасная почта,потеряли мою посылку
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אורל בן שמן
7/15/226:08 AM
החברה עובדת באדישות ואיך אני אגיד את זה הם מאבדים כל קשר עם המציאות העכשווית ולא מתקדמים למה הסמל שלהם הוא צבי כי הם איטיים יותר מצב אבל הם מספקים שירות מעולה
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Suby Thomas
5/1/227:54 PM
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מונדיה יוסף
4/25/223:29 PM
שרות תת רמה גרוע מאוד אין עמי לדבר משלוח ליוון חודש לא יודע איפו המשלוח אני כועס על עצמי כולם הזהירו אותי לא להתעסק עם הדור המשלוח יליך לאיבוד ??????????בסוף אני מכין את המשלוח שזה מסמכים לוקיח טיסה ונוסיע ליוון תת רמה שרות גרוע
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Jane Lobendino
2/28/221:53 PM
Its the 2nd time that happened to me.the 1st one was the package that was sent to me by my auntie from australia dec 12 2019 .i recieved the packaged b4 my bday on march 2020 and its horrible a lot of thing on it was lost and the package was open The 2nd one is the package that was sent to me by me friend from san francisco usa last dec 20 of this year.the package was recievedcand was already at the post office when i track it feb 16.until now i didnt recieved the oackage
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