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Hong Kong post is a governmental service that provides the opportunity for sending and receiving different parcels.

The history of Hong Kong post takes place in 1841. During this period, it has become a service that makes people satisfied, enabling them to get things done in the shortest possible time. Now there are 27 Delivery Offices and 124 post offices in Hong Kong that fulfill its obligations, concerning all the necessary procedures.

It’s worth noting that Hong Kong Post proposes a great variety of products and services to the customers, depending on their purpose. Besides that, it provides people with the possibility to track a package sent from Hong Kong, get express services, and deal with international transport.

Important note: there are no Postcodes in Hong Kong. If you need to input the postcode of Hong Kong, try to leave the space empty or fill in with several zeros, or “HKG”.

HK Post delivery services

Hong Kong post offers its clients both local and international delivery.

According to statistics, during one year, HK Post delivered about 900 million local letters. Almost all small letters were received the following day. Concerning overseas delivery, more than 280 million letters were sent.


HK Post has a helpful service called Hong Kong Post ID.

HongKong Post ID is made for clients in order to explore such services as EC-Ship or MySpeedpost.By bringing all the online features elaborated by HongKong post together, it creates an integrated platform providing customers with ease of use.

Check how to register in Hong Kong Post ID

HKP Local services

Local delivery

Service proposes a variety of options that a person can choose. Some of them such as Smart Post, Parcel, or Local Courier Post include HK tracking, which means you can monitor your package whenever you want. Other services such as Bulk mail, Periodicals, or Ordinary letter/packet don’t allow supervising, however, they can be useful for certain purposes.

Local CourierPost

It is used by enterprises and people to deliver important papers in the shortest possible time. Clients can register as account holders and benefit from using a pick-up option. For almost all areas this service guarantees delivery the next day.

Smart Post

If you’re interested in cheap local delivery, this service will be the most appropriate. Enjoy such options as track-and-trace or SMS notification. The huge advantage of this service is the possibility to check the status of delivery for both sides. Customers can also prepare all the necessary papers online.

HKP International services

Besides that, there is a wide range of services, concerning Overseas Postal Services. Hong Kong Post proposes Speed Post, e-Express Service, Hong Kong Air mail, Registered Air mail, Not-registered Air mail, Surface Mail, Parcel land and other possibilities to deliver everything you need. Moreover, there are different options for shipping and tracking. More detailed information is available at this link.

Below the description of Hong Kong Post services is presented.

Hong Kong Post Air mail

HKP Air mail services with tracking


e-Express service provides customers with online tracking possibility from the very beginning, when the stuff is sent and till the moment when it is delivered. This service becomes even better because of the convenient payment system which means that you can either pay by card or using your deposit account. Prepare all the documents on EC-Ship portal and observe the process. So easy!


iMail provides a cost-effective and secure solution for online sellers to deliver their goods to buyers. It is a reliable solution with confirmation of delivery and shipping tracking.


Convenient, reliable, and cost-effective, you can count on this delivery network to connect with over 210 destinations worldwide and 1 900 cities in the mainland. Shipping time varies from 4 to 24 days. During this period, Hong Kong air mail will be delivered in the right hands.


Send via Hongkong parcel service if you have heavy items. Parcel will be delivered through Air mail during 28 working days, depending on the flight and security check. Choose the destination you need from more than 200 available for delivery countries.

HKP Air mail services without tracking

Ordinary Letter / Packet

If you wish to send Air mail items abroad, the best way is to choose basic air service. There are several factors such as weight or destination that define the price.

Bulk Posting of Lightweight Mail Items

The postage rate of bulk posting of light-weight air mail stuff is used when conditions presented below hold:

1. Bulk posting of items up to 150g shipped to a certain list of countries.

2. Shipping of 1500+ items per day and 5000+ during 2 weeks to the same recipient.

International Periodicals

Cost-effective service that makes overseas delivery of informative periodicals - magazines, newspapers, or journals. It’s not applicable for sending promotional material.

Hong Kong Post Surface mail

HKP Surface services with tracking

  • Parcel
  • Registered Letter/ Packet

HKP Surface services without tracking

  • Ordinary Letter/ Packet
  • Bulk Posting of Lightweight Mail Items
  • Direct Agent Bag

If you work as a publisher, who lives in Hong Kong, Direct Agent Bag comes in handy. This service is suitable for people who have to send magazines, books, and other materials to the agent. However, there are 2 limitations: all the stuff should be both printed and published in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Post SME services

SME - Small and Medium Enterprises.

Nowadays Hong Kong Post serves as a communication platform for thousands of small and medium enterprises. It provides its corporate clients with reliable HK post tracking and reasonable prices for deliveries. Good news for all SME’s: you can join PostalPlus and enjoy various privileges. It’s absolutely free! Moreover, Hong Kong post gives coupons and souvenirs for those who would like to enroll.

If you want to send a mail within a town, Hong Kong post is also suitable for you. It offers both Bulk Ordinary and Bulk Economy options to satisfy all the needs. The difference between these options is the following: Bulk Ordinary service delivers your items within the next working day that is considered suitable for sending everyday correspondences. Bulk economy service offers its clients cheaper postage rates but it takes up to 3 working days for items to be delivered. Choose this option in order to send bills or mailing.

PayThruPost Service

This service is going to be the right choice for making bill payments. It’s available at every post service. By the way, there are no charges.

HK Post Mobile app

Hong Kong Post has its own mobile app for your convenience. It’s going to be useful for all the clients because it provides the possibility to track mail delivery status, make necessary calculations and search for locations of HK post. It also shows up-to-date information about services. Learn all the abilities of this app via this link.

Hong Kong Post mail tracking

HK Post has its own mail tracking service. If you already made your delivery, you can track your delivery there.

Definition of tracking number in Hong Kong deliveries

First 2 letters refer to post type or delivery method

The first letter of the track code indicates the type of departure:

“A” - the shipment is not insured (up to 2 kg)

"R" - custom shipment (up to 2 kg)

“V” - registered insured shipment (up to 2 kg)

"C" - a simple package (more than 2 kg)

“L” - Air mail (up to 2 kg)

"E" - Postal service Express

The second letter of the track code indicates the method of sending the package:

A, B - air transport up to 2 kg

C - air parcel, longer drawn up

T - Air Envelope

R - Railway transportation or sea transport

P - type of Chinese 1 class

In addition, quite often during the delivery of express services, there are such designations:

EE - EMS departure, the package should go to a transit point in China, from there it is sent to the recipient (in this case the package should also be trackable with China Post tracking)

EV - EMS Shipping

EA - EMS departure, the package departs from the city of the sender to the recipient

LM - ePacket, Chinese EMS

EA-EZ - EMS, Express Mail Service, USPS Express Mail.

Next 9 letters are unique numbers of your order.

Last 2 letters refer to the departure country.

HK - Hong Kong

HKP contact info

Address: 2 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Tel : 2921 2222 Fax : 2868 0094

e-mail: [email protected]

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My package was dispatched 2020-12-25 and up to this date i did not recieve it.. Order nr: PO#2***6 Track nr: EV7***2CN
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Foarte bun
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12/31/194:47 AM
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Ana marie canceran
12/9/1912:20 PM
Its more than a month since i ordered the item.they deliverd 3weeks ago but i missed it and untill now they din’nt re redeliver. Ok
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12/7/192:58 AM
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Carmelita sitchon
11/4/199:31 AM
They are accommodating approachable
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