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Georgia Post is the main country’s postal operator of its country. This is a company that focuses on providing standard set of postal services to a wide range of customers. Georgia Post relies on the use of innovative technologies and mechanics that improve the quality and speed of service in different working conditions and client situations.

The company is internationally recognized and strives to develop with a focus on services for the whole planet. Today the company is a member of the UPU and PostEurope international postal unions. In addition, Georgia is also the CA of the Administrative Council of the UPU and the deputy head of the CA of the Administrative Council of the UPU. This is a great achievement, which has become real after a lot of years of successive reforms in the postal and logistic sphere, including rebranding with a worldwide focus, reorganization of the network of service centers, staff training, development and implementation of the latest labor standards and technology manuals. Georgia Post is trusted where they count on quality postal solutions. The international communications network covers 191 countries and territories at the moment.

Georgia Post can claim the position of the largest postal organization of Georgia. It also has the widest catalog of postal and related services (receiving utility bills, money transfers within the inner territory and abroad, telegraph) of services and has the largest network of post offices. In total there are 81 today throughout Georgia, and this is not the limit. It provides jobs for 2700+ citizens.

Company's mission

Georgia Post prefers long-term and fruitful cooperation with customers, partners and employees as a matter of priority. At the same time, the company strives to present the best standards of service through a professional approach to work and continuous testing and implementation of innovative practices and technologies of the postal service. This is all that ensures the protection and safety of consignments, as well as the unhindered and comfortable receipt and sending everything the people wants (excluding banned types of goods due to laws), as well as the speed of delivery. The shipment will be delivered even to the most remote regions of Georgia as quickly as possible, and everyone who uses the services of the company knows this. Georgia Post is loyal to a customers and partners. Today, high standard service is set in the departments, and this is constantly improving. Today, the company is gradually conquering regions, accelerating delivery to the most inner areas.

Brief history

The history of the Georgian national post starts at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, Georgia was part of the Russian Empire, and direct mail existed between Tbilisi and Vladikavkaz. Sending letters was possible using horses. In 1805, Tbilisi became the first city with its own post office.

The following decades, local mail grew. In 1840, the 12th Postal District was founded in the Russian Empire, covering part of the territory of today’s Georgia. This contributed to the intensive growth, and in 1862 construction began on more than 10 post offices along the route between Tbilisi and Vladikavkaz. In total, the management of these departments was about 650 horses at that time. There was also an additional route, designed to compensate for sending goods in this direction in case of bad weather and other problems. However, its length was more than 6 times longer than the direct one, and we still are not talking about efficient mail at that time.

Talk about the urgent need to improve postal and freight transport was actively going on in the 1870-80s. The first improvements began in 1886, when the new postal road Racha-Lechkhumi and the new post office in Mtskheta were opened.

Since 1894, the first opportunities for money transfers appeared in Georgia. The procedure was as follows: the sender delivered the money to the post office, the post office issued a receipt to the sender, and then sent the recipient a coupon allowing them to receive money from the post office. Before the First World War, in 1913, 108 mail points worked in Georgia.

Subsequently, Soviet power was established in the country, and national post further functioned as part of the USSR postal service. Soon after independence, since 1993 Georgia is a member of the UPU. Georgia Post continues its active development in the spirit of the time in the 21st century, remaining a fully state structure, despite several attempts at privatization.


Georgia Post focuses on postal services, presenting private and corporate clients with a solid set of solutions. At the same time, the company is committed to introducing innovations and today’s technologies into ongoing processes.

From Home To Home

The ability to send a letter or parcel throughout Georgia without leaving home. It is enough to contact the Georgian post delivery service by phone to order the delivering. The courier will arrive at the chosen time at the sender's address, verify the data and carry out further forwarding. The solution is available for individuals and legal entities. The parcel is sent no more than 15 kg and 1x1x1 meters in size. The cost of mailing is calculated depending on its weight.

Letter Post

Delivery of written correspondence throughout the territory of Georgia. This category of items includes several varieties. Georgia Post delivers:

  • Letters;
  • Postcards;
  • Small packages with printed and manuscript materials, documents, photos and small items (up to 2 kg, from 90X140 to 240x340 mm, not more than 50 mm thick);
  • Hybrid letters (up to 100 g, from 90X140 to 240x340 mm, not more than 15 pages);
  • M bags (books, documents or periodicals in a bag up to 30 kg and 120 cm in circumference);
  • Simple packages (without signature upon receipt);
  • Registered parcel (with signature);
  • Insured parcel.


There are some types of parcel delivery by Georgian Post.

  • Local Parcels across the Georgia’s territory;
  • AVIA package for delivering out of the Georgia by air;
  • Overland parcel delivery of goods abroad by land. Available only for several directions: sending is possible in Greek cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki, and receipt is possible from Greece, Turkey, Italy and Russia.


EMS mail delivery allows you to expedite the delivery of goods abroad. Dispatch is carried out as soon as possible with the possibility of insurance. The parcel should not exceed a weight of 30 kg and a length of 150 cm diagonally.


AVIA is the delivery of goods abroad as quickly as possible at a higher tariff. Parcel will be delivered as soon as possible to all countries with the possibility of insurance. The weight of the cargo should not be more than 30 kg, and the ratio of the height, width and depth should not exceed 5000.

Georgia Product To The World

Georgia Post is actively developing a state policy of promoting Georgian small business outside the country. The electronic platform “Georgia Product To The World” works here, due to which the simple delivery of local Georgian goods to all corners of the world is ensured.

Georgian businesses get a simple and effective tool for their own online stores with the possibility of cargo insurance, tracking, choice of shipping and shipment options for consumers, registration of declarations and so on.

Courier Service

The ability to urgently send little packages through a network of couriers within Georgia and other countries. It implies the possibility when the sender can use this solution when sending small local packages, presenting an advance payment for the cost of the service and / or that the addressee can order the service by Georgian Post by telephone. The cost for the solution can be paid upon delivery. Delivering of courier items within the same location of Georgia is carried out within two days for standard packages and 1 day for express shipments by courier.


Georgian Post LLC offers its customers the opportunity to use the Maleo electronic platform, which is focused on the delivery of goods from online stores from the United States to Georgia. Any resident of Georgia can create in the system their own mailing address in the United States for the purchase of goods to this address and their subsequent transfer using the company to Georgia.

P.O. Box

An opportunity to receive a personal mailbox for personal use. Options are available inside the Georgian post offices and beyond. Available for all individuals and legal entities.

Freight Transportation

Development and implementation of tasks for local and international cargo delivery. The company provides freight forwarding services in Georgia, as well as land and air transport to other countries of the world. If necessary, customers can use the services of the Georgian postal terminal, including warehousing and storage of goods, assistance with customs and logistics.

Stamps & Postcards

The company produces stamps and postcards for collectors and all interested.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

Each parcel will get unique Georgia Post tracking number due to the UPU standards. It’ll help people to see the path of delivery in real time. Delivering goods with tracking option is more expensive, and everyone can neglect this additional service in order to reduce the cost of the parcel.

All the parcel numbers have the standards of marking tracking numbers. It’s track number look like:

  • RA123456780GE - for registered small packets from Georgia up to 2 kg; the first letter is always R, that means Registered;
  • CT123456780GE - Georgia Post parcel tracking number for delivering up to 20 kg – C is the always a first letter;
  • EX123456780GE - EMS services that always starts with E.

Each part of the tracking number has the meaning due to UPU standards.

  • The first letter (R / C / E) means the type of departure, that is pointed above, and the second letter is random.
  • 123456780 are the range of unique numbers in addition to the second letter.
  • GE – means the country (GE – Georgia).

Terms of Delivery

Delivery of goods and small packages in Georgia, depending on the degree of urgency, takes 3-5 business days. Delivery time for the most urgent, including courier, is 1-2 business days. As for international shipments, depending on the type of parcel, type of service and country of arrival, customers can expect delivery of the shipment within 5-21 business days.


Georgia Post provides a traditional balanced system of postal and logistics services that are always highly efficient. The set of electronic solutions and innovative projects that are characteristic of the national postal services of many other countries today is just beginning to emerge and develop, and the quality / quantity of the company's services promises to increase in the near future.

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Работает очень харашо.Посылка отслеживается и доставляется по адресу вовремя,в целости и сохраности.С уважением Гоча.
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