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Egypt Post is a state-owned organization that provides postal services in Egypt. Beginning in 1865, it is the oldest institution in the Egyptian government. The number of customers is more than 15 million. Egyptian Post is a socio-economic body that directly contributes to achieving the state’s plans to achieve development so that it feels the return on this development in addition to ensuring the efficiency and speed of service provision.

In order to facilitate citizens, the Egyptian Post has become a delivery service that provides a number of its services to clients' homes directly, some of which are free of charge, such as pension delivery, and some of them are paid for as remittances.

Parcel Delivery

According to an official with the authority, parcel fees weighing up to 20 grams will be at 4 Egyptian pounds, more than 20 grams and 50 grams at 5.5 Egyptian pounds, more than 50 grams and 100 grams at 7 Egyptian pounds and up to 250 grams at 10.5 Egyptian pounds. As for the package, which weighs 500 grams, the regular postage fee is 13.50 Egyptian pounds.

Parcel service features

  • The ability to perform the service through the postal offices located throughout the republic.
  • The availability of many types of parcel services at different prices.
  • There are many shipping methods at different prices (Air, Surface, M.Bag).
  • Parcel service rates are suitable for all customers compared to the prices of private courier companies.
  • The presence of a large network of means of transport and communications covering all parts of the Republic.
  • Existence of an application to track the parcel delivery stages through the website.
  • Existence of four customs outlets for handling external parcels airport customs, Ramses customs, Port Said customs, Alexandria customs.
  • Existence of a number of systems to collect the required fees from the sender upon request from the sender.


Postcards are a piece of cardboard, whether it is photocopy or non-photocopy, and it is issued openly without cover. The right half is devoted to writing the address and the name of the addressee and the rest is left to write the message.

Postal Box

Specialized boxes are a different way of distributing regular mail and notifications of registered items in a manner that ensures complete confidentiality of customer communications. The customer obtains a number for the postal box on which will be used to receive mail correspondence and uses this number as the customer's postal address and is leased to ordinary or legal persons under an annual contract.

Stamps Types

It is a postal tool for clearing postal items for the specified fee:

  • Regular stamps: for postal items;
  • Governmental Stamps: For clearing correspondence between and between agencies and between bodies, ministries, and people;
  • Commemorative stamps: issued by the authority on occasions to commemorate an important event or public figure that provided services to the community;
  • Stamps and Development Stamps: They are used on government forms and documents, and their categories are numerous in accordance with the law.

Message Service

The Egypt Post specializes in distributing messages as it authorizes others to collect fees prescribed for each type in advance, and clearance can be made with either stamp, cash, or clearance machines located in post offices.

Regular & Registered Mail

It is the cheapest way to communicate between individuals and some of them. This service enjoys price stability and performance improvement and is provided through all post offices and mailboxes throughout the Republic. Registered mail is the best way to ensure that the addressee received your message by signing a special document.

Bank Messages

Bank message service means processing special letters issued by banks with a special treatment aimed at achieving higher rates of safety and speed in the distribution in exchange for a distinct fee, which is an optional service that is specific to banks and not to other bodies.

Promotional Mail

It is suitable for every advertisement or advertising material, which has to be delivered. The nature of the content and its contents are easy to see and in accordance with the general conditions for accepting postal items.

Postal Fax

Postal fax is an electronic message transmission of documents and documents through the use of fax machines connected to the telephone line. The immediate transfer of messages and documents is done internally and externally, and this service is exchanged with other countries with bilateral agreements.

International Courier

A distinguished postal service provided by the Egypt Post to serve individuals, companies, banks, etc. It performs the transportation of documents and goods both externally and internally according to international standards in deadlines, ranging from 24 to 48 hours at competitive prices.

Features of International Courier

  • Air delivery with the first plane;
  • Delivery on the same day depending on the destination country;
  • In case of failure to accomplish delivery there will be additional attempts;
  • Delivering internal messages within 24 hours, to the provincial capitals it needs 48 hours and 72 hours to villages in remote areas.

International Courier Benefits

  • The delivery acts on behalf of the customer to pay the prescribed customs fees and then collect packages from sender residence upon delivery;
  • Messages can be received from the customer's residence on request;
  • Distribution is free of charge and on the same day messages arrive from abroad;
  • The commission acts on behalf of the client in obtaining the necessary permits for incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • All correspondence is insured;
  • There is no minimum weight while the maximum is 20kg.

Door-to-Door Service

This service is provided by express mail to its customers so that it is directed at the request of the customer to transfer. It allows people to send items immediately from the sender's place to the addressee without going through the postal and movement centers. A feature offered to customers to transfer their items quickly and safely.

Express Mail Service

The new express mail is the latest developed service provided by the Egyptian Post. It performs delivery in cooperation with DHL and Armex International. They keep up with the express mail technology in the world in complete security, speed time saving, and money-saving manner. Express mail service is provided for external shipping and customers benefit from them to transfer their shipments to 220 external countries.

Transferred Parcel Service

This service is provided to manufacturers and product distribution companies. Express mail transfers the products of these companies to their customers and collects their value, and put this value in a customer's postal check account.

Egypt Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

With a possibility to track every package separately you are able to make shipments of multiple parcels with various destinations. The Egypt Post tracking number format is the same as at other world delivery companies. It has 2 letters, in the beginning, 9 digits in the middle, and 2 letters in the end, which in total makes it of 13 characters. Here are some examples of them:

  • EU123456789EG;
  • RR098765432EG;
  • AU123456123EG.

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