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Cyprus Post (Department of Postal Services) is the national postal operator of the Republic of Cyprus. The company currently has a determining status in the country in its field of activity until 2027, after which this status will be extended or revised. Cyprus Post is a structural unit of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works.

Cyprus Post delivers letters and parcels throughout the country and abroad, regulating uniform state tariffs and services in the postal field throughout the Republic of Cyprus. Adhering to the trends of postal services around the world, the company expands the scope of activity beyond the borders of the postal and logistics sectors, and today customers can count on a number of related financial, electronic and other services in branches throughout the country, or in other formats of interaction.

The company strives to be a leader in the process of communication and interaction between people and businesses, and the main task on the development path is to improve the quality of postal services and scale the network and infrastructure, as well as affordable solutions.


Generally speaking, the history of mail in Cyprus is inextricably linked with the rich history of this island as a whole. This means that it is worth mentioning hundreds of years of history and several periods of different ownership in this territory. In any case, the post office plays an important role, because the location of Cyprus has always made it a transit point between Europe, Asia and Africa. A lot of trade and economic routes passed here, and that is why it is worth delving deeply into the history of mail on the island.

The first stage of the emergence of the postal system in Cyprus is associated with the era of the Lusignans and Venice, which began at the end of the 12th century and formally ended in the second half of the 16th century. The Lusignans were a powerful French noble family that gained great power in the Middle East as a result of the Crusades. They reigned supreme over the island for several centuries. In those ancient times, the first roads were built here, and there are historical facts of mail delivery between the settlements of the island.

The Venetians came to the island at the end of the 15th century, and this served as a strong impetus to the development of Cyprus post and logistics. Venice has helped drive road infrastructure to a new level. The first bridges and ports appeared, which further stimulated the need for communication between people, and, as a result, the exchange of mail and goods. Private, commercial, diplomatic and even military correspondence was active. All the same, the postal and transport communications of that period were oriented towards international routes, because most of the Cypriots were then illiterate, and internal mail was still too imperfect (and irrelevant in due measure). But the fact of creating the first official postal service of Cyprus for internal and external communications dates back to the era of the Venetian rule.

The Ottoman Empire owned the island after Venice for the next 300 years, from 1571 to 1878, and this period can be considered decadent for the post of Cyprus. The postal service was eliminated, and the first Turkish post office appeared only in 1871. Internal mail in those centuries was private and uncontrolled. All deliveries were carried out by private cabmen by prior arrangement.

Further, until 1960, Cyprus was officially under British rule. At this time, the postal and transport infrastructure of the island was built. During the first few months of 1878, five new post offices appeared in Cyprus. Mail was now delivered to the countryside. The British put a lot of effort into developing the island as a whole, and transport infrastructure in those decades became very efficient. There was a railway, effective connection with ports, sorting centers, postal codes and postage stamps of the British Empire.

Cyprus established the Postal Services Department immediately after independence in 1960, and this unit has remained unchanged until now as part of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works. In 1961, Cyprus became a full member of the Universal Postal Union. The development of Cyprus postal services received a new round in this period. In the second half of the 20th century, own brands were produced, equipment and routes were modernized. In 1983, EMS Datapost Express Delivery Service was launched. In 1992-1993, the Cyprus Postal Services Department became one of the founders of the International Postal Corporation and the Organization of European Postal Operators. In 1994, the country introduced an index system, and since 2000, a sorting center has been operating in Cyprus, which has significantly improved the quality and speed of the services provided.

The development of Cyprus mail continues after the country's accession to the European Union in 2004. Since that time, the company has carried out rebranding and structuring in order to meet the standards of European and international postal services. Cyprus Post continues to scale and introduce innovative services today, moving away from the standard set of postal services. The development process is diverse and includes issues of organization, technological equipment, working methods, customer management and working culture.


Cyprys Post provides a lot of letter & parcel delivery solutions, as well as additional services

Letter Mail

Favorable services for the delivery of various types of correspondence in Cyprus and other countries of the world. The delivery network covers almost all destinations in the world, as well as 51 post offices in Cyprus and more than 1000 agencies in the countryside. Fast delivery within 5 business days.

PROmitheas Proactive Track & Trace

An auxiliary service that helps organize the tracking of letters and parcels in any direction for an additional fee. The customer remains informed about the delivery at all stages of the journey. Tracking is available on the company's website, either by SMS or email.

Courier Services

Courier delivery services in Cyprus and other countries of the world. Services are provided by worldwide courier partners.

EMS Datapost (International)

Urgent and safe delivery of items via EMS Datapost to 128 countries from 51 branches throughout Cyprus. Tracking letters and parcels are available throughout the route. Parcel weight no more than 30 kg, the sum of the sides no more than 3000 mm or 1500 mm either side.

QuickPost (International Premium)

Urgent delivery of premium in more than 200 countries. The client has the ability to set the urgency of delivery. Full departure tracking is provided. The maximum weight of 1 item is up to 30 kg, the maximum weight of the item (several items together) is not more than 250 kg. The sum of the sides of the subject should not exceed 1200x800x1100 mm.

PostExpress Local Courier

Urgent courier delivery in Cyprus, taking into account all remote rural areas. There is the possibility of delivery on the same day for many cases. The weight of one package should not be more than 30 kg.


Parcel delivery in Cyprus and beyond. This category presents the main solutions of the Cyprus Post in this area of services.


Delivery of packages to all countries of the world at a reduced price, in comparison with express services. The service is available for parcels of not more than 30 kg and 3000 mm in the sum of the sides (or up to 1500 mm either side).

EPG Parcels

Special parcel delivery service for electronic commerce, which is available in a limited number of countries. The service provides fast speed and quality of delivery of such items. Tracking is available, and the maximum allowable dimensions of the parcel are equal to the previous service.

Financial Services

Financial services at Cyprus Post offices. Everything that helps send money around the world and pay government bills is presented here.

MoneyGram Money Transfers

Quick money transfers of up to 3,000 euros per day to 200 countries and more than 300 thousand service points of various banks associated with the MoneyGram system. Delivery within 10 minutes with confirmation.

Money Orders

Money transfer service within Cyprus and to selected countries abroad. Inexpensive solution for money transfers. It is possible to pay fees, fines, etc.

Private Post Box Offices

An opportunity to receive a personal mailing address for personal and business correspondence. The post office is located in any post office convenient for the client.

Payment for the service and its renewal is available online, and physical access to each cell is possible 24 hours a day.


Quick access to postal items in ten offices in Cyprus. A convenient solution for those who send and receive packages a lot. Available dispatch management online. Possibility to pick up packages 24/7/365. Payment is possible online. The client receives a personal mailbox for parcels and has no need to wait in line.

Personal Stamp

Possibility to order stamps of Cyprus Post with an individual design upon client's request. Stamps can be used as an additional marketing tool.

Digital Signage

Post offices have video screens on which customer advertising can be broadcast. The flow of visitors to post offices is at least 150 thousand people per month, and this is an effective tool for promoting messages, goods and services.

Gifts & Giveaways

Elegant and memorable gift solutions for all occasions, including albums, stamps, booklets with the creation of an individual design. Available at all Cyprus Post Offices.

Unaddressed Direct Mail

Mass mailing service for a large number of recipients. Effective advertising tool for businesses. Two options for distributing advertisements are available: presentation stands at Cyprus Post offices or direct delivery to mailboxes.

Packaging Material

Free sale of boxes of various formats and other packaging materials used by Cyprus Post. Favorable prices are offered.

Citizens Centers (KE.PO.)

The ability of Cypriot citizens to perform various public services at post offices to simplify bureaucratic processes. Cyprus Post works directly with a number of ministries.

e-Delivery in Cyprus

Assistance in organizing the infrastructure for the delivery of goods for e-commerce businesses.

Other solutions

Cyprus Post makes a clear emphasis on the development of electronic services that help simplify the lives of individuals and businesses, senders and recipients of letters and parcels. A number of effective solutions are available today: tracking packages, post office cards, a portal for exchanging information about services, the Cyprus Post mobile app, API for online stores and so on.

Examples of Tracking Numbers

There are two main categories of mail: up to 2 kg and up to 30 kg. All international shipments may have a tracking number. The format of tracking numbers corresponds to the international system.

There are three options for tracking numbers:

  • RN123456788CY - these are letters and parcels up to 2 kg;
  • CW123456788CY - these are packages up to 30 kg;
  • ED123456788CY - EMS items.

The first letter of the tracking number determines the type of package and it can only be R / C / E. The second letter and numbers are random values to uniquely identify the number. The last two letters are always CY, which is the alphabetic identifier of the country (Cyprus).

Time of Delivery

Letters and parcels are delivered in Cyprus within 1-2 business days, and in many cases delivery on the same day is possible. Delivery to other countries usually takes between 5-21 business days, depending on the direction of delivery.


Cyprus Post provides a stable set of services that covers key postal, logistics, financial, electronic and related solutions. The company is developing in accordance with the standards of modern national postal services and has a strong potential for modernization and scaling.

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Where is my parcel order placed 4 weeks ago
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Why does anything arriving ib Cyprus take so long to reach the customer
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