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It plays a very important role in communication between people around Mexico. It offers value-added services in the field of philately, courier and parcel services, which together, benefit both citizens in general and to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of all categories and sizes.

It provides services to most of the Mexico territory, as well as more than twenty-seven thousand of post offices and up to three thousand of land routes and plenty of various collaborators who have decided to provide high-quality delivery options. It makes Mexico Post place us as one of the most important delivery services in Mexico.

Backed by its great tradition and experience, Mexico Post is a cutting-edge institution that does not remain outside of the dizzying technological evolution. It has reinvented the operating processes, which respond to the challenges of an increasingly demanding market that requires products of good quality at very affordable costs. Mexico Post has the lowest rates which make it a very cost-effective delivery company in Mexico. Because of that, with Mexico Post, your shipment arrives and with Mexpost it arrives faster.

Mexico Post Delivery Services

Mexico Post offers a wide range of services suitable for multiple customer needs, whether personal or business. Each of them is supported by our proven experience, the most modern technology, and the lowest price. Mexico Post has certain restrictions regarding the shipment of dangerous materials, perishable articles, alcoholic beverages, animals, and all those objects that can be considered of “special handling”. For this reason, if you want to send an object included in these categories, it is better to contact the customer support department of the company before making your shipment.

Registered Mail

Shipments are delivered under signature at the recipient's address. If delivery cannot be made, a notice is left in the mailbox to pick it up at the indicated office, remaining on the list for fifteen days. The package should not be heavier than 2kg.


Mexpost is the parcel and courier service belonging to Mexico Post also known as. It is a fast delivery solution that allows the company to deliver all the needed parcels rapidly and in time, which makes it equal to express services in other delivery companies. The maximum weight of a shipment is up to 40 kg. Consider this factor to avoid setbacks.

Next-Day delivery service

With the Next Day delivery service, you can ensure that your shipment is received no later than 24 hours after you have made your shipment. Consider that weekends or holidays can interfere with the effectiveness of delivery.

Two-day delivery service

The two-day service ensures that your shipment will be received by the recipient within a maximum period of 48 hours after sending the shipment.

Standard Service

This service is the cheapest that MexPost offers and has delivery times of between 3 to 10 days depending on the delivery areas.

Prepaid Mexpost Guides

An additional service would be the sale of pre-paid guides. With this service, it is possible to make savings on shipments if your courier or parcel needs are constant. Savings depend on the number of guides you buy, the higher the volume, the better the discount. When buying prepaid guides you acquire the delivery service throughout the country of packages or envelopes of up to 3 kilos. The validity of the use of one year from its purchase.

Mexico Post Tracking Number

The Mexico Post tracking number is made up of 13 characters. It consists of two letters at the beginning, two letters at the end, and, in the middle, a body of 9 numbers. Here are several examples:

  • MP99386237MX;
  • CP123456789MX;
  • RX123456789MX.

The most common reasons why the Mexico Post tracking does not recognize a guide number are usually the following:

  • You incorrectly entered the Mexico Post guide. In this case, you will receive the following information from the system 'No information regarding the guide was found'.
  • The guide number is from another postal company. Sometimes users try to track other postal companies (DHL, FEDEX, etc.) on Mexico Post online tracking system.
  • You chose the wrong year of service. A final possible mistake is that users are unable to observe all or most of the events in their tracking because they chose the wrong year of service. That is the one in which none or almost none of the movements of your package were reported.

Delivery Tracking Statuses

There are four types of possible statuses in package tracking.

  • The delivery status (in green), those that warn about movements of the package to its destination;
  • Those who report failed delivery attempts and those who confirm the return of the part to the point of origin (in red).

Below, a summary of the main statues:

  • Delivered. Delivered to the destination;
  • On the move. It can be still in the country of origin, travel to Mexico, arrived in Mexico, in transit to the destination, arrived at the local administrative center and the postman is going to visit the home to make the delivery.
  • Failed attempts. First home visit for delivery, recipient not found. Second home visit for delivery, recipient not found.
  • Package returned. The package is returned due to an extraordinary situation that did not allow delivery. The package returned when it is not received or claimed by the recipient. The package is deposited in a suitcase and it is sent to the office of the destination country.

Mexico Post Average Delivery Time

Mexico Post has restructured trunk and primary postal routes nationwide with the aim of reducing their mail delivery times. The decentralized body of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, which distributes an average of 3 million postal pieces a day throughout the national territory, covers from 58 to 74 percent the transit capacity of the postal material that is delivered by at least 24 hours around the country.

In the case of Mexico Post, a national shipment can take between 3 to 15 business days and, an international class, up to 3 months (the delay increases, even if the delivery is made in rural areas). In the case of Mexpost, the Mexico Post accelerated courier service, waiting times are usually shorter, although their costs are higher.

Registered Mail

Average according to origin and destination, for shipments deposited before 4:00 p.m. in offices with an afternoon shift or 2:30 p.m. in offices with only morning hours:

  • Local: 1 business day;
  • Provincial: 2 business days;
  • National: Delivery, within the country in 3 business days;
  • Europe: 2 to 4 business days;
  • Other countries: according to country.
Urgent Registered Mail

In case you need to have your registered mailed delivered faster, urgent options allow clients to reduce time, needed for the delivery.

  • National: Delivery within the country in 1 business day;
  • Europe: 1 to 3 business days;
  • Other countries: according to country.


The delivery time of your package depends on the contracted service. Express service normally does not exceed 2 days on delivery while non-express services can take from 3 to 8 days. Within the delivery time, you should always consider the distance.

Mexpost Average Delay Times

The different levels of expected delay of Mexpost for national and international shipments are summarized below:

  • National. While sending packages around Mexico, there may be delays from 1 to 5 days;
  • International. In the delivery process to foreign countries, you may need to wait an additional 5 to 10 days.

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I live in Texas. I assumed it would be much quicker.
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Donde se encuentra el paquete
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I pay a lot money for my package to be there n 7 days and it’s been month and I still don’t get it what can of service it’s this ?
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Si en china es lentísimo ya se Mexico mejor ni digo nada.
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