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National postal service 4-72 Colombian post is the delivery company that has replaced the old Adpostal in 2006 and it launches a new brand and corporate image design. According to the directors of the companies, the new identity, 4-72 of the National Postal Network represents the location of Colombia on the globe: 4 degrees North Latitude and 72 degrees West longitude, lines that when crossed, locate the geographical center of our country.

Juan Ernesto Vargas Uribe, President of the organization, highlighted the good financial and logistical moment that the company is going through, thanks to the implementation of better-operating processes, efficient security and control systems, and rigorous training programs.

Company data establish that in 2007 the companies exceeded $20 billion in profits. According to Vargas, after 20 months of assuming the operation, the company has generated net accumulated profits of $ 38,911.7 million. Its equity as of December 31, 2006, stood at $ 8,891.4 million, and the following year (December 31, 2007) amounted to $ 29,566.4, million, which means a growth of 232%.

Likewise, the creation of the National Postal Security Directorate that guarantees the reception and transport processes at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá and all distribution centers stands out as an essential achievement for the quality of the service. The new brand of the postal operator 4-72 will continue to reach every corner of the national territory, and in some municipalities, it will continue to be the only form of communication thanks to the Postal Network.

Colombia Post Virtual

Colombia Post Virtual is the easiest option to receive online purchases from stores in the United States in any destination in Colombia, easily, safely, and economically. After joining the service, you will have immediate access to a physical address in the city of Miami, 20 hours a day, 365 days a year, which you can use to direct your purchases and receive them at the door of your home or office in Colombia. You will get your own address to make your purchases in US stores and receive them in Colombia. You will be able to access thousands of stores and millions of products available in US stores. It is very easy to use, which can be described in the following 4 steps:

  • Step 1: To enter, sign up and receive your address for Casillero Virtual 4-72 in Miami.
  • Step 2: Make your purchases online in US stores and use the address of Casillero Virtual 4-72 as your shipping address.
  • Step 3: Colombian Post will receive your purchases at your Virtual Locker address in Miami, process it and send it to Colombia.
  • Step 4: Receive your packages at your home or office in Colombia (address registered in your Virtual Locker 4-72).

Shipping weight must not exceed 50 kg or 110 American pounds. The measurements must not exceed 1.50 meters for any of its dimensions, nor 3 meters in its total outline. By customs regulation, you cannot enter the country, more than six units of the same reference, per shipment.


Service for shipments of up to 50 Kg. Among the main towns of the country, with proof of delivery. It is available for people and legal entities. Delivery time depends on whether the destination is urban, regional area, or national area. It requires 1 business day for an urban and regional while for national and special routes you should check the table of Municipal Typologies. The delivery can be performed with the signature of a person who of legal age or above. There will be two delivery attempts. Among other features of this delivery, you will be able to track your parcel during the whole delivery process.

Post Express

Courier service with which shipments reach the main cities of the country. Urban areas need up to 1 business day, while regional and special routes vary in the distance. On the delivery, the signature of a person of legal age is required. Two delivery attempts will be performed, between which no more than one 1 business day must pass. The sender can easily track their shipment online.

The proof of delivery is digitized at the same time it is accomplished. Reasons to return package:

  • Refused;
  • Closed doors;
  • The address does not exist;
  • Not contacted;
  • Does not reside.

If its return is not possible, the shipment will be taken to the post office, where the current status will be applied. The packages should not be heavier than 2kg.

Mr. Pack

Mr. Pack is a new self-service, which offers a wonderful delivery solution to facilitate the receipt of your online purchases in a fast, confidential way and without additional charges. Mr. Pack is available to all customers 4-72. All individuals and companies registered in Colombia Post 4-72 will be able to withdraw their purchases made in online stores in the US and around the world. It will soon be available for local e-commerce. For e-commerce purchases, you must go to your locker account and select for delivery of the shipment to Mr. Pack as a delivery option. Users will be able to choose the Mr. Pack of their convenience. In Mr. Pack's lockers, only one package is accepted per Locker.

When 4-72 leaves the product in the chosen Mr. Pack, the user will receive a text message and an e-mail announcing its arrival. You should not forget to withdraw it within 72 hours with the PIN of Pickup sent or QR code. The SMS and e-mail notification will be sent directly to the recipient after the package reaches the chosen Mr. Pack. The shipments that are not withdrawn during the 72 hours, will expire and will be returned to the logistics company Servicios Postales Nacionales SA 4-72 so that they can be collected at their main office. Before you must call the customer service department. The maximum weight is 50 Kg. Per shipment and the packages can be of 3 sizes:

  • small: 8x38x64 cm;
  • medium: 19x38x64 cm;
  • large: 41x38x64 cm.

Benefits of Mr. Pack

  • The ability to pick up packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the perfect solution for those buyers who are never at home or want privacy on their purchases, in addition.
  • Success from delivery: Purchases will wait for people and not people for purchases.
  • More dispatch options: A new and innovative alternative for online clients.
  • Better purchase reception experience: Buyers receive their products privately, quickly, and confidentially. It only takes 17 seconds in front of Mr. Pack to retrieve your package.
  • Simplify the return process: Efficient management of returns and rejections guaranteeing a better user experience.

Instructive Rates According To the Type of Municipality

  • Type 1 Municipality: Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Bucaramanga, Ibague, Manizales, Villavicencio, Tunja, Pereira, Armenia.
  • Type 2 Municipality: Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Rioacha, Monteria, Sincelejo and other operational centers (no special route), department capitals (not special routes).
  • Type 3 Municipality: All municipalities in the territory that are not included in any of the above categories.
  • Type 4 Municipality: All the municipalities considered difficult to access.

Urban & Regional Rates

Urban Rate: They are postal objects that their destination corresponds to the same imposing municipality or belong to the same metropolitan area.

Regional Rate: They are postal objects that their destination corresponds to municipalities that make up the same regional headquarters of 4-72.

Colombia Post Tracking Numbers

Colombian Post follows the guidelines of the Universal Postal Union. Thus, the tracking number format is quite similar to other members of UPU. It consists of 13 characters where the first and last two are letters, and in the middle are digits. In a result, you may receive a tracking number like these examples:

  • NZ123456789CO;
  • AU098765432CO;
  • US123456789CO.

Colombian Post tracking number allows customers to always know where your packages, during the whole delivery process. While making a shipment of several packages at once, each of them receives a unique tracking number. It allows clients to send multiple packages with one shipment and to always receive up-to-date information on their status.

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Ancora il mio pacco non è consegnato
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Muy demorado, y aparece que el paquete ya fue entregado y no me ha llegado aún mi pedido,
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5/28/203:21 PM
Si. Estamos a 28 de mayo y aún no me han llegado unos artículos. UH8***8TR Cuanto tiempo más debo de esperar ?
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Eduardo payares
5/19/209:09 PM
Se demora mucho ese 7/24 para entregar un envio tiene cuatro dias de estar en el destino y no lo entregan pesimo servicio
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