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In case you need to receive something from Canada or send a package there, you may wonder, which service to choose. If the number one service is what you need, then Canada Post is ready to accomplish your shipments. It has a long delivery history, which only has improved its quality.

For customer satisfaction, you will find multiple options for delivery and additional features together with Canada Post tracking to always know where your package is. The website is available in English and French languages and the same goes for the customer support department. Its representatives are friendly and always ready to help you with different questions and requests.

Canada Post Shipment Options

Despite being located far away from other counties in the world, Canada Post allows you to use various shipment options to deliver. It does not matter if you are sending a mail or package. Each of them receives a Canada Post tracking number, which guarantees that your delivery will not be lost.

Mail Delivery

With the development of internet technologies, people have started to send less written personal mails. However, mail delivery is still very important. It allows to send valuable documents to any part of the world. In order not to lose them Canada mail tracking allows to always know where to letter is. In addition, you can receive a notification when an addressee collects it.

Registered Mail

If you need to send some important documents and be sure that an addressee has definitely received them, then Registered mail is what you need. As can be up to 500g in weight, you can also send small items that fit into the mail packet.

  • Domestic. While sending mail within Canada, the addressee has to put a signature upon delivery, and you get a date when it is signed with a mailing receipt.
  • International. If your mail is going abroad you can be sure of receiving official receipt of the date stamped. For faster delivery, you can combine it with the Xpresspost USA option.

Registered mail is convenient and fast. Its price and delivery directly depend on the target destination of the letter. Thus, you can be sure of accomplishing your order within these working days.

  • Local – 2;
  • Regional – 2;
  • National –4;
  • USA – 2-3;
  • Worldwide – 4-7.

Domestic Package Options

Flat Rate Box

While sending some goods, boxes can be very different and not always efficient. If you need one, then with a flat rate box you can fill it with something not heavier than 5kg. It can be small, medium or large size. The delivery after receiving your box may take from 1 to 7 working days.


If you have something valuable that has to be delivered in the shortest terms then Priority option is for you. It allows to send packages to any part of the Canada, which can be delivered till within one working day from the picking up. You do not need to pay additionally for tracking signature on receiving.

Regular Parcel

It may be a little bit complicated with all other options when you need to choose something simple and efficient. The regular parcel is an economical ground delivery option across Canada. Depending on the distance, it may take from 2 to 9 working days.

International Package Options

At Canada Post, you can choose various international delivery options. However, shipping to the USA requires less time for each option due to properly developed logistics.

Small Package

Many international shipments do not require large boxes as their content is small and not heavy. If it is something you are looking then the Small Package option will satisfy your needs. Your package or packages of 2kg can be delivered worldwide in more than 12 working days by air and up to 3 months by ground. The time directly depends on the connection with your location and how far it is.

Tracked Package

Some small packages may contain valuable goods. Thus, with Tracked Package, you will get insurance for your delivery and you will be able to track it during the whole transportation process. It takes 6-10 working days to accomplish your delivery.

Expedited Package

Not every country is available for the fastest international option, but you still can deliver expedited parcel without waiting too long. This option needs from 6 to 10 working days to accomplish your order by air and 1-3 months by ground means.

Priority Package Worldwide

If you need to deliver something from Canada to another part of the world quickly, but other options are still slow then Priority Worldwide can solve your delivery task. It needs only 2-3 working days and your package will be delivered to 192 countries around the world. You can track your package and an addressee will have to leave signature upon receiving. You will not have to worry about customs procedures. If your packages have not arrived on time, you will receive a replacement or equivalent credit.

Canada Post Tracking Number Specifics

In the process of modern delivery, the possibility to know where your package is plays a very important role. It allows you and the delivery service not to lose packages. Therefore, special tracking numbers are needed. Each company develops a unique format for convenience. Canadian postal tracking is a part of the global post system. That is why it consists of 13 characters, which two letters in the beginning and end, while between them are 9 digits. Letters often indicate countries of origin and delivery destination. In result, you can have such Canada tracking number examples:

  • CA983475621CA;
  • CH214365879CA;
  • NZ967845634CA;
  • SW070301903CA;
  • PO000123000CA.

Not every person uses delivery often, but when that happens, many shipments are not limited to only one package. That is why Canadapost tracking is available for each package separately. Therefore, you will have several tracking numbers and you can make shipment with different destinations for parcels.

Average Delivery Time of Canada Post

In most cases, the price for delivery directly depends on how fast your shipment has to be delivered. Therefore, people try to find a convenient company, which can perform the delivery quickly and cheaply. However, it not always results in a good quality of delivery. At Canada Post, you can expect high-quality delivery. With a great variety of shipment options, you can decide whether to pay more for faster delivery or to wait longer but without overpaying.

  • Mail. While sending mails, the delivery speed depends only on the distance of the destination. Thus, it may take from 2 to 7 working days to deliver letters or mail packages to an addressee, which resides in Canada or other countries in the world;
  • Domestic Package. If you need to send something within Canada territory, depending on the option your package can be delivered next day or a maximum of 9 working days;
  • International Package. Packages that go abroad to other countries can be delivered by air within 2-12 working days on average. A surface option is also available but it can take 4-12 weeks;
  • USA Package. As Canada is very close to the USA, it is not difficult to send packages there quickly. The fastest option is till the noon of the next day, while the longest is to 8 working days.

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10/13/234:58 PM
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10/6/234:00 AM
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12/23/223:11 AM
Tracking does not work. Cargo airplane take off and is flying for several days or week.
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Eyerusalem Abebe
12/5/229:24 PM
UG7***0YP it said delivered but where is my item
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Our user
12/5/229:21 AM
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Francesco Belmonte
11/5/225:37 PM
Let's get the lead out, this is very poor service and the claim is that it was delivered AND to the WRONG CITY, since the delivery claim date of Oct 26, 2022 ... still UNSUCCESSFUL. Let's get this rectified ASAP!
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Jesee peers
8/13/223:16 AM
Is it were is it
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8/9/225:30 AM
My package is in my city of Calgary for the last 5 days and no update.. was to be delivered on the 4th Aug then was moved to the 10th then 8th of Aug, was to be delivered today and still nothing, got no help from customer service they only did an investigation today 5 days after it got to my city was told I could not go pick it up myself 5 days ago and was also told that there is no way to contact the delivery drivers what kind of b.s is that waiting at home for days to get it as it cost me 1300$ and not even sure I can get a refund if it don't show up, very bad service.. and they have nothing but thiefs working for Canada post no background checks definitely won't be using Canada post again
Not delivered yet
Our user
7/20/226:28 AM
Not delivered yet
Gurnam Singh
6/24/225:53 AM
Last 4 days my parcel stuck in vancouver with canada post no any update on talking number still waiting 4***1
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