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Buylogic Carrier Info & Tips

The company provides quality services specifically for cross-border e-commerce. It is worthy of cherishing the trust and dedicated service. Internationalized, branded, and professional services are what customers receive. The prices are affordable and the service is more real. The speed of Buylogic delivery is fast, the information service is perfect, and it has its own IT team and logistics system. There are more than 15 ERPs that are connected to them in the market. Moreover, APIs are also provided for customers to connect. One-click data operation simplifies the process.

Speedy Parcel Delivery

This delivery option of Buylogic is oriented to specific countries. The average delivery time ranges from 4 to 12 business days. The delivery routes go through Shanghai or Hong Kong to the rest of the world.

Fastway Delivery for Australia

Confirm environmental safety will be delivered directly (no POD). If there is a personal mailbox, mail and packages can be delivered to it, otherwise, it will be delivered to the local post office. It also includes features signing by the sender and addressee (with POD). In case there is a failure to deliver your shipment, it will be brought back to the warehouse and leave a small card, the recipient can contact Fastway to deliver again or to pick up personally. To some remote locations, mail and packages cannot be delivered. The weight limit is 5kg while size dimensions are 10*15cm, 10*10cm. The second delivery attempt and address change delivery features are included. It allows clients to receive the goods on the same day or at 8 am the next day.

Delivery to the UK


The route of delivery goes through Shanghai and Hong Kong to London Yodel delivery company. The weight limit is 4kg and one side of the package should not exceed 45cm. This delivery option allows different types of goods to be exported. East China exports general goods, South China exports built-in electronics, bulk items, gadgets, etc.

Postal Mail

With this option, you can receive packages from China in the United Kingdom. The end of the delivery process performs RoyalMail within 24 hours. As for the size and weight limits you can send packages up to 2kg, and which are not smaller than 14cm in length and 10cm length. The maximum allowed size is 61*46*46cm.

French Registered

If you would like to receive packages from China in France, you can easily use Buylogic. The package will be delivered using the route of Shanghai or Hong Kong-to-ColisPrive. Speaking about sizes the sum of three sides should be less 150cm, the longest side is not more than 90cm, and the length of one side of the parcels should not exceed 110cm. As for the types of goods that can be exported, East China exports general goods while South China exports electronics, gadgets, complicated devices, etc. Unfortunately, it does not accept PO boxes addresses, addresses of military institutions, and overseas departments.

German Registered

It is a convenient option for fast high-quality delivery to Germany. To receive shipment you need to wait on average 7 to 12 business days if there are no delays. In the delivery process, the packages on the territory of German will be forwarded to the Hermes delivery service.

Express Economical Parcel

Buylogic delivers economic parcels to 32 countries around the world. According to different destination countries, it chooses the best service and the best delivery time, suitable for lighter and smaller items. Some countries can produce built-in electric and creamy block cosmetics suitable for delivery on all platforms. There are two types of registered and postal services, which delivery requires 10-15 business days.

Dutch Packet

The Dutch pouches are available all over the world. They can be sold universally, with built-in electrification, and cosmetics such as creamy emulsion block nail gel. They are the most stable pouches in the market and the first choice in Europe.

Dutch parcel sub-registered (foreign registered) and postal (external level) and other lines provide regular mail and registered services, the regular mail information can be traced to the destination country. European countries have obvious service advantages, with an overall time limit of 8-16 business days covering more than 200 countries around the world. The whole area can accept various products. In addition, 16 countries of foreign electricity channels can send pure electricity, mobile power, perfume, nail polish, etc. For heavier items, the price is higher.

DHL Packet

DHL parcel is an airmail parcel channel developed by DHL global mail, mainly for an air parcel transportation service with a cargo weight below 2 kg. DHL parcels are divided into two types: registered mail and postal mail, which can be sent to more than 200 countries or regions in the world. It is more suitable for cross-border sellers. In order to deliver packages, it requires 6-15 business days.

  • DHL small package is divided into 3 kinds of services;
  • DHL registered packet: full tracking, with proper investment information;
  • DHL parcel post: half-track, 6 pieces of tracking information (main node);
  • DHL Economic Packet: Half-Track, 2 Tracking Information.

Turkey Small Package

Express mail delivery package for Turkey. The transport route Shanghai (general goods) / Hong Kong-Turkey-65 countries worldwide. Thanks to Turkey's geographical location, the overall timeliness of the Turkish parcels to the 65 countries it serves is stable, and there are two types of registered and postal services. The delivery requires 10-15 business days in European and American countries, 10-30 business days in other regions.

Features of FBA Delivery

You can change the location of items and easily become an overseas seller, and increase product availability. It allows sellers to improve the pricing level of items and to achieve competitive local sales. Clients can effectively reduce order response time and improve logistics distribution timeliness. Shipping goods overseas in batches greatly reduce logistics costs.

Quick return and exchange processing allows sellers to improve customer satisfaction. The on-time delivery and distribution, overseas positions to provide local direct shipments overseas, which need 1-5 business days to complete the delivery, and to improve logistics.

From the perspective of the damaged packet loss rate, the overseas warehouse provides local delivery. The goods are sent to the overseas warehouse, and the corresponding goods inventory will be stored in the overseas warehouse, so the return and exchange service of the goods can be easily achieved. Moreover, the goods returned to the warehouse can also be put on the shelf again.

Buylogic Tracking Number Peculiarities

It is quite important to have the ability to always know where your shipment is. Moreover, the possibility to track parcels is important for delivery services too. It helps to not lose customers’ parcels. The format of the tracking number can be different. Quite often the company develops a specific format to improve convenience. Speaking about Buylogic it has several formats. Depending on the destination you may have 17 character tracking numbers. It starts with 5 letters and ends with 2, while in the middle are 10 digits. Here some examples:

  • BLGEU1087654317YQ;
  • BLGUS1234567890YQ;
  • BLGNZ9876543210YQ.

Another Buylogic tracking number format is more common among large international delivery services. It has 14 characters. It has two letters in the beginning and the end. In the middle, this format has 9 digits. Here are some examples:

  • LS098765432CH;
  • AU123456789CN;
  • NZ987654321CN.

Buylogic Reviews

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How do we calculate the rating? People are more likely to post negative reviews (for example, when their package is delayed or lost) than positive reviews (when everything is fine). It doesn't mean that bad situations happen more often than smooth delivery, though. That's why we give the negative reviews lower priority to calculate a more accurate carrier rating.
9/22/228:54 PM
Hace 148 días que dice que el paquete está en Argentina,pero todavia no recibi nada,parece que viene en carreta por lo que tarda.
Not delivered yet
3/21/222:42 PM
Not delivered yet
11/4/2010:05 AM
I purchased a first doll for my granddaughter. The doll I received is NOT what I bought. This doll is cheap and disgusting!
Rafael Rodriguez
10/3/204:29 AM
not only I have not received my package after more than 2 months but there is no way of getting a report and track the package
Not delivered yet
Frederic Smets
9/2/201:42 PM
J attends mon colis venant de Chine .mon package sa destination finale n ai pas Allemagne mais la Belgique dont le relais est bpost Belgique.mon adresse gmail est f***[email protected] merci a vous
Not delivered yet
8/20/203:15 PM
My parcel has been sitting with status "The item has been received in the destination post office" for nearly 2 months! It is impossible to find out more information here in Australia where the parcel is actually being held. Australia post knows nothing of it. I will make a point of not buying from sellers that use BuyLogic as their shipping agent.
Not delivered yet
8/19/209:48 PM
Not delivered yet
Victor Genin
8/18/2010:58 PM
They do not any news from them never!!! Real mess!!
Not delivered yet
Mark Goettel
8/13/201:47 AM
Tracking is a big lie
Not delivered yet
8/8/2012:11 PM
In transit for 50 days and now it's been sitting somewhere, not moving, for over a month. Dreadful service.
Not delivered yet
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