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Bulgaria Post is the national postal service of Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1879. Nowadays Bulgaria Post is responsible for providing postal services on the territory of the whole country (including remote areas). The network of postal offices consists of about 3000 offices, both in central and remote areas of the country. Bulgaria post offers different transportation options for various types of parcels, so let's take a more detailed look at those.


A parcel is an item that contains goods with or without commercial value. Bulgaria Post makes it possible for its customers to deliver both domestic and international parcels. Domestic ones are usually sent by land, while international parcels can be sent both by land and air (depending on the destination). Both types of parcels have certain weight and size limitations.

International Parcels

Size and weight limits for international parcels may be different, as it depends on the destination. As a rule, the weight of a parcel shouldn't exceed 31.5 kilograms, and it shouldn't be bigger than 3 meters.

Domestic Parcels

For domestic parcels weight limit is 20 kilograms. As for size limits, a parcel shouldn't be bigger than 600 mm.

Cumbersome parcels

Those are the parcels of a strange shape or requiring special attention (fragile ones, etc.). The maximum size for domestic cumbersome parcels is 1 meter for one of the three dimensions.

Sending cumbersome or fragile parcels, one usually has to pay more.

Domestic and international parcels can be accepted at the customer’s request with the following additional services (the price of the additional services adds up to the basic price of the item):

  • The advice of delivery – the sender receives a written notice with the signature of the recipient.
  • Poste restante – the sender specifies only the post office, the postcode, and the full name of the recipient in the address window.
  • Insured value – liability of the postal operator to the declared value of the contents of the parcel in case of loss, theft, or damage. An international insured parcel can be sent only to countries that provide this service.
  • Insured value and Cash-on-delivery are available only for domestic parcels.

Logistics Services

Bulgaria Post also offers transportation of non-palletized cargo (the weight of an item shouldn't exceed twenty kilograms). Besides, palletized cargo may also be transported under the following conditions (for pallets size):

  • maximum width - 0,8 meters;
  • maximum length - 1,2 meters;
  • maximum height - 1,20 meters.

Maximum cargo weight shouldn't exceed 450 kilograms and 1,5 meters. Please note that Bulgaria Post doesn't provide transportation of dangerous items, including flammable substances, perishable products, animals, and so on. Public cargo transportation is provided in Bulgaria only.

Types of Postal Items

There are several postal types one should be aware of to choose the best transportation method and packaging. So, the first one is an item of correspondence. As a rule, this is a letter or a postcard (newspapers, magazines, periodicals, books, etc. are also items of correspondence). They are considered small packages, as the maximum weight for such parcels is 2 kilograms. Such packages may be sent via two methods:

  1. "Registered" or "non-registered" item. If the item is registered, one can easily track the parcel all way long. Besides, it makes it possible to get insurance, so you won't have to worry about the damages or loss of a parcel, as everything will be compensated.
  2. "Non-priority", "priority". As a rule, non-priority postal items are transported a little bit longer, so it's better to choose this option if the delivery is not an urgent one. The price is lower in this case. Choosing the priority service, you can be sure the delivery will be really fast, but this option will cost you more.

As a rule, it takes about two business days to deliver a majority of domestic non-registered (and non-priority) parcels. As for non-registered priority ones, they usually arrive the next day.

Additional Services

Bulgaria Post also has some additional services for those looking for extra convenience. Those include:

  • “Advice on delivery”. The sender receives written notification with a signature from the recipient.
  • "On-demand". The sender indicates only the post office, zip code, and the recipient's name. The parcel is given to the recipient at the post office after claiming it with an ID.
  • "Insured item". The postal operator is obliged to reimburse the declared value of the shipment in case of loss, theft, or damage. International insured items can be sent only to countries providing this service.
  • “Insured item and cash on delivery". This service is available only for domestic shipments - the item is delivered to the recipient after paying the amount of money declared by the sender.

For each of these services, one is required to pay additionally.

Bulgaria Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

It is possible to track Bulgaria Post parcels using special codes called tracking numbers. Using Bulgaria Post tracking, one can check the current location of a parcel at any time. So, the only thing you have to do to check the status of a parcel is to insert your tracking number in the corresponding field on the company's official website. Having done it, you will get to know the status and location of delivery. Bulgaria Post tracking number starts with two letters, followed by nine digits, and ends with two letters. It looks like this:

  • CP675993245BG;
  • RI873456128BG;
  • CP764923759BG.

Please note that Bulgaria Post tracking is available for registered items only.

Bulgaria Post Average Delivery Time

Delivery time may be different, as the main factor influencing it is the destination. Speaking about domestic parcels, they usually arrive in several business days or even the next day. As for international ones, the delivery period is about 20 days. If the recipient fails to appear within 10 calendar days from the date the consignment arrived at the post office, an official notice will be sent.

Bulgaria Post Customer Support Department

If facing any difficulties with sending/receiving goods, one can always contact Bulgaria Post to get help. It's possible both to call the company and to write an e-mail. Besides, the official Bulgaria Post website can also help to solve some problems, as there are many questions on the website that are already answered. So, use all your options.

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