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Brazil Correios is one of the oldest Brazilian companies. Since 1663, this post company has never stopped trying hard to meet people's expectations. The company's main focus is communication needs, so a majority of its services (especially letter/documents services) can be called an essential part of people's lives. Nowadays the market is rather competitive, but Brazil Correios remains strong and stable, responding to governmental and financial institutions' communication needs.

Brazil Correios Services

Sedex can be called the most well-known and useful service of the company. Nowadays, there are many different variations of this service, all having one aim: to provide people with the highest level of service and make delivery easier. Hundreds of people who were previously facing an unpleasant necessity of going to other cities for performing some postal operations don't have to do it anymore. Nowadays, Brazil Correios can be used in different countries, becoming an international company. Let's find out what are the services offered by this company.

SEDEX Mundi Document

This option can be used both by natural and juridical persons, allowing them to pay either in cash or to get an invoice. Speaking about delivery terms, it completely depends on the country of your selection. If there are any unexpected situations that can increase the delivery time, you will be contacted and informed about it. If the delay is the company's failure, everything will be fully compensated. This service is super useful, because of the following:

  • you will get your money back if something goes wrong
  • Brazil Correios track is available
  • in case of delivery deviation, insurance will cover everything

EMS - Express Good

This international service makes it possible to deliver goods in a safe and convenient way. Similar to the previously described service, it can be utilized both by natural and juridical persons. Your sending can be delivered either by your addressee's door or in the postal unit. Be attentive, as there is a 30 kg limit for the parcel. Speaking about length, 1,5 m is a maximum you will be able to send utilizing this service. Insurance is automatic, Brazil Correios track is included, it's possible to deliver parcels in more than 130 countries. So, what else one can wish?

Economic Merchandise

This service is also an international one. To use it, you should be aware of the following:

  • if your parcel value is more than one thousand dollars, you'll have to complete a Simplified Exportation Declaration
  • you'll be required to complete it if the parcel is a commercial one
  • if you are going to send economic goods, you'll have to pay tax
  • delivery terms are different, so sometimes you may wait longer than you expected
  • insurance is automatic

Utilizing this service, it's possible to send almost anything in more than 200 countries around the globe.


This service is available in Brazil only. There will be three delivery attempts, so if your addressee's house will be closed, he/she will be able to get a parcel for seven days. If the delivery is impossible, it will be returned to the sender. It's possible to pay both in cash or credit card using this service.


It's an express service, so utilizing this one you can be sure that your parcel will be delivered until ten a.m. the next day after sending it. The maximum weight for this offer is ten kilograms.


This service is also an express one. Door to door delivery is also available, but note that it's possible to use this service in Brazil only. Your addressee won't have to wait too long, as the parcel will be delivered until the evening of postage day. Door to door delivery is also available, both for residential and commercial buildings.

PAC - Economic Parcel

This service offers exclusive shipment of goods of different types (only nationally). There will be three delivery attempts. Speaking about taxes, each and every good you want to send should have all the necessary fiscal documentation.

More services

There are also several additional services offered by the company. Let's have a look:

  • Reverse Logistics. This service is useful in the extreme if some documents or a parcel with goods are being returned. The sender won't have to pay anything for it.
  • Integrated Logistics. Value management, consulting, and easy solutions to various problems a client may face - this is not a full list of benefits of this service. The company is very client-oriented, so you won't have any difficulties using this integrated logistics service.

Brazil Correios Tracking Numbers

Tracking service is what helps you to get to know where your parcel is at the moment. Either you are waiting for just one parcel or several of them, it will be easy for you to use Brasil Correois tracking to find out how long you'll have to wait. Each parcel sent via Brazil Correois will be given a Brazil Correois tracking number. As a rule, it starts with two letters, then followed by numbers and ends with letters as well. It looks like this:

  • AA123456789BR
  • LH094196618BR
  • AA100833276BR

If you have multiple sendings to track, it won't be a problem either, as Brazil Correois tracking is reliable and secure. All you have to do is to enter your Brazil Correois tracking number. After this, you will be given full information about how long it will take to deliver your sending.

How long it will take to deliver international or domestic parcels

Almost all services of the company are rather fast, but let's have a more detailed look at how long you (or your addressee) will have to wait for a parcel. Speaking about domestic parcels, delivery time completely depends on many factors, including the place you are sending your parcel to, your parcel's weight and size, and, of course, a service you have selected. In some cases, your addressee will get a parcel the very day you send it, so be attentive choosing a service.

Speaking about international services, you'll have to wait a little longer if there is a need to deliver parcel internationally. The international delivery time usually takes from three to forty working days (if a destination is remote). You should also remember that Brazil Correois doesn't deliver heavy parcels. The maximum limit is thirty kilograms.

Brazil Correios clients support

If you have any problems with Brazil Correois tracking, have some questions about how to send your parcel, or facing any other difficulties, you have the option of contacting the Brazil Correois support team. Qualified specialists will gladly help you to solve all issues of yours. Besides, there are several sections with frequent questions, so don't be in a rush to contact the company, as you may easily solve all your problems by visiting several categories of questions presented on the official website. You can also browse the website to find what interests you. If you have tried all these methods, but fail to solve your problem, just call the customer support team. It is possible to find all the telephone numbers on the official Brazil Correios website, but note, that they are different for different regions. Besides, if you need to get some information or want to express either gratitude or complaint, you'll have to call different phone numbers (depending on the aim of your call).

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Brazil Correios
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10/17/236:18 AM
Deu como carteiro não atendido, mas aqui não veio ninguém
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Quero Saber Onde Está Minha Encomenda Poís Irei Retirar Pessoalmente...........Muito Enrolado......Fora de Prazo!!!!
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João Vitor de Melo
12/14/222:42 AM
Acho a Correios uma empresa de encomendas normal, o problema que eles demoram muito pra liberar os pacotes pra poder ser entregues, acho que esse problema poderia ser resolvido com mais centros de transferências dos Correios no Brasil, bem, estou no aguardo do meu pacote que está em Curitiba-PR
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Moises Conceição Santos
11/30/226:02 PM
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11/29/222:16 AM
Mande logo o bagui
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Ana larissa
11/24/223:21 AM
O meu endereço não foi encontrado mais tem meu número celular e não entraram em contato comigo
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