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Azerbaijan Post LLC is the operator of the Azerbaijan National Postal Network, a member of the Universal Postal Union since 1993. As a national postal operator, Azerbaijan Post consists of 74 post offices and post offices, 1,513 post offices, and 144 postal agencies. Most of the post offices are equipped with modern machinery and equipment to provide quality services to the population. At present, Azerbaijan Post cooperates with about 70 countries of the world on the IPS tracking system of international parcels and more than 60 countries on the Cricket survey system of parcels. Azerbaijan Post uses 195 different brands of cars to transport mail.

Receiving & Sending Small Packages

Samples of goods and small, unbreakable small items of gift nature can be sent in small packages. The packaging of the small package must be in accordance with its nature and prevent its damage during transportation.

The customs declaration shall contain the address of the addressee, full address, country of destination, name of each shipped item, its weight, and price, as well as the address and surname of the consignor. It is not allowed to write things under common names. The customs declaration shall be written in English, French or in a language understood in the country of destination.

Receiving & Sending Standard Packages

The domestic packages send cultural and industrial goods, food products that can be stored for a long time, plants, printed materials, medicines, fruits, vegetables, and other things. International packages may contain cultural and industrial items, food products that can be stored for a long time, printed matter, plants, medicines, as well as other items and goods that are allowed to be imported to the country of destination and are not prohibited by law.

Packages must be packed by senders in cardboard, wood, plywood, metal boxes, as well as soft covers. The senders choose the method of packing the packages. However, in this case, the packaging must be in accordance with the nature of the contents of the package, the length of the route, the conditions of shipment, the contents of the package must not be damaged during transport, and others must not be damaged.

The consignor fills out a CN23 customs declaration for each international package. The customs declaration shall contain the addressee's last name, full address, country of destination, name of each item sent its weight and price, as well as the sender's address and surname. It is not allowed to write things under common names. The customs declaration shall be written in English, French or in a language understood in the country of destination.

Receipt & Delivery of Printed Mail

Only mass-produced printed materials (blanks, brochures, posters), periodicals, fiction, and other literature are sent in simple and custom-made envelopes. International simple and custom-made envelopes contain printed products, maps, samples, catalogs, brochures, reproductions on paper, cardboard, or other material used for book printing, and other products.

Depending on the nature of the contents, the items shipped in packages weighing up to 500g shall be placed in a folder, box, envelope, plastic bag, or with paper tape or tape. Items inside the package can be twisted like a pipe, in which case it wraps around the rod when its length is more than 45cm. If several items are sent in a package, then these items are tied together with a rope, and then packed and covered. Banners weighing more than 500g are also tied with a rope from the outside of the cover.

When five or more mail letters are received from citizens at the same time, the sender shall compile a list F.103 with the indication of the serial number, place of destination, and surname of the recipient. The postman carefully confronts the items on the list with the ordered parcels.

After the barcode is pasted on the ordered parcel, it is processed by AKIS. Another copy of the barcode is pasted on the payment receipt printed in AKIS and given to the customer. One general receipt is printed on the accepted parcels with the list.

Express Mail Delivery

An EMS shipment may consist of documents or goods, or both. EMS shipments must not contain goods prohibited for shipment on the domestic, courier, and international shipments. For goods that are only conditionally allowed to be shipped in international shipments, the sender must provide the required documents.

The maximum weight for domestic and courier EMS shipments is set at 50kg. Any of the dimensions of the EMS transmission shall not exceed 1.5m or the length of the largest circle measured in any direction other than its length shall not exceed 3m. The weight and dimensions of an international EMS shipment shall not exceed the weight and measurement limits set by the country of destination.

EMS Allowed & Prohibited Goods For Sending

At the time of receipt, the contents of the package are presented openly, the package is packed and sealed in the presence of the postman and the sender. At exchange offices, items are opened by postal workers, the contents can be re-sealed by an act. Packaging must meet the following requirements:

  • Each shipment must be packed according to the nature of the composition, as well as the type and duration of transportation;
  • Each item must be packaged in such a way that it does not pose a danger to the workers handling it, as well as does not contaminate or damage other postal items and postal equipment;
  • Glassware and other fragile goods should be packed in sturdy boxes filled with appropriate protective materials. The packaging shall be designed to exclude any friction or impact during transport, either between the items themselves or between the items and the walls of the box;
  • Liquids or substances that are easily liquefied should be filled into fine sealed containers. Each container must be placed in a special rigid box containing an appropriate protective material that can fully absorb the liquid if this container is tested. The lid of the box should be tightened so that it can be easily opened if necessary;
  • Oily substances that are easily liquefied, such as creams, liquid soaps, resins, etc. in a box, in a fibrous bag, in a plastic container, and then in a sufficiently strong second box that protects the contents of the container from being fooled;
  • Dry, coloring powders, such as blue aniline, etc. should be packed in high-quality hermetic metal containers, which in turn should be placed in sturdy boxes with adequate amounts of absorbent and protective material;
  • Dry, non-coloring powders should be placed in sturdy containers, which in turn should be packed in solid boxes;
  • Items made of one piece or part, such as a piece of wood, a piece of metal, etc., which are not usually packaged do not require packaging. In this case, the address label must be affixed directly to the item.

Azerbaijan Post Tracking Number Examples

While sending packages or packages with Azerbaijan Post you are able to track them during the delivery process. While shipping multiple packages each of them receives a separate tracking number, which greatly helps when you are sending them to different destinations. The Azerbaijan Post tracking number format is the same as in other members of the Universal Postal Union. It consists of 13 characters, which are two letters in the beginning and the end, while in the middle are nine digits. Here are some examples:

  • NZ123456789AZ;
  • AU098765432AZ;
  • RR123456789AZ.

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Azerbaijan Post
Azerbaijan Post
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Subhan Guliyev
6/1/201:22 AM
İt's about more than 2 months is package is left China and sended to Azerbaijan but not received yet. Please let me know tracking number after sending to our country, because with this tracking number I cant find my package. Thanks
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5/13/2011:36 AM
14.03.20 tarixden 2 mehsul sifaris etmisem. Hele teslim ala bilmemisem. Xahis edirik komeklik edardiz. Izleme nom:RV3***7CN.
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Elshan Zakirli
4/20/2010:25 AM
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4/19/2010:23 AM
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1/26/209:37 PM
Tamojnu 50/50 analoqu olmuyan inkişaf budu.
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Mr Vuqar
1/20/201:02 PM
Sorun bizim gömrükde.çok kötü halde kargo zaten orda sorgulanıyor.
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1/8/2010:36 AM
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Our user
1/6/205:46 PM
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11/27/1910:41 PM
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10/30/191:24 PM
No service, bad customer support
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