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The Austrian Post became legally independent postal service in 1999. It offers reliable shipping solutions for business mail, advertising mailings, books, and lightweight goods in Germany and more than 200 countries worldwide. It accesses the entire product and service portfolio of the Austrian group and uses the logistics network of international delivery partners. Australian Post is one of the largest providers of postal services on the German market and has high standards of quality and service.

Parcel Delivery

When you need to send some goods and packages without paying too much or you are not limited in time, then standard Parcel delivery within Austria and outside of it can be very convenient. It has many features and additional services, some of which you can use without paying additionally.

Cash On Delivery

The recipient will only receive your shipment if he pays the amount of money requested by you upon delivery. Swiss Post transfers the cash on the delivery amount to an account that you have defined. The value can be stated up to a maximum of 25,000 euros as the Austria Post transports these items under special supervision.


If you want to forward letters, parcels or parcels to another address, simply give us a forwarding order. You can forward letters and parcels both domestically and abroad. You can only forward parcels and EMS shipments domestically. Benefits of this service:

  • Fast delivery of daily mail to your new address;
  • It is suitable for addresses at home and abroad;
  • It requires only 3 working days lead time;
  • The period can be selected as desired (max. 1 year);
  • Your mail reaches you without interruption;
  • Shipment can be delivered mailboxes.

Desired Pick-Up Station & Desired Post Office

If the recipient of your shipment is at work during the day or rarely at home, send your package directly to a pick-up station or post office that is suitable for the recipient. The recipient will be informed electronically (email or SMS) when the package arrives there. Moreover, without any additional costs. In the branch finder from the website, you can easily find the pick-up station or post office that is most convenient for the recipient. Here are the benefits of this additional service:

  • You can have parcels sent directly to a post office or pick-up station that is on the way from work to home;
  • Service without additional costs;
  • Round-the-clock pick-up at the pick-up station of your choice;
  • Easily find the right pick-up point or post office with the branch finder;
  • Immediate electronic notification when the package is ready for collection;
  • Also possible across federal states if the recipient lives in Lower Austria, but works in Vienna and wants to collect the package.

Prepaid Wine Package

The wine package is a proven packaging product from Swiss Post and was specially developed for shipping bottles with maximum break resistance. The assembly works quickly and easily, the insert (for 3 bottles each) can be used universally for all sizes.

The box already has everything needed including a wine parcel stamp for domestic delivery: the transport fee Austria, packaging, post office liability up to EUR 510.00, the Austrian truck toll, and VAT are included in the price.

OMV Parcel Service

Refueling, shopping, and at the same time posting parcels - the cooperation between OMV and Swiss Post makes it easy for you with the OMV parcel service.

  • Parcel posting with attractive opening times, parking options and quick processing;
  • Simple and clear price determination based on the package dimensions. The sum of the shortest and longest side of the package determines the price of your package brand;
  • 3 package sizes - 3 price categories - simple and clear;
  • Return acceptance of returns of parcels franked with an opened parcel stamp (except express parcel stamp);
  • You will receive a confirmation of posting with your tracking number;
  • With the tracking number, you can see where your package is at any time on the website or in the Post App.

Post Express

Post Express is the right solution for your fast shipments within Austria or abroad. In Austria, Post Express items are delivered until 1 p.m. the day after posting. You can send international shipments conveniently and quickly with the Express Waybill Online. The international express will accomplish your shipment within two working days, in important cities and business centers of the EU even overnight.

You should inquire about the applicable acceptance time at the post office where you post your Post Express item. The acceptance time (and not the opening time) is decisive for the timely delivery of the express shipment.

Midday & Saturday Europe Services

These additional services help you to optimally adapt your Post Express shipment to your requirements and are available in our Post Express International main branches. The list of these branches can be found on the service website. In addition to the express waybill, no additional accompanying documents are required within the EU. For the dispatch of goods outside the EU area, the customs regulations require a commercial invoice or an invoice that contains the actual value of the shipment for customs purposes.

Midday Europe

The delivery to major EU cities and business centers by noon the next working day. Consignment posting only on weekdays in the Post Express International main branches (list at the end of this page) within the respective acceptance time.

Saturday Europe

Delivery to major cities and business centers of the EU also on Saturday (working day). When posting on Friday (working day) in the Post Express International main branches (list at the end of this page) within the respective closing time.

Post Express Additional Services

Money-back guarantee

If a Post Express shipment arrives late at the recipient, the sender will be reimbursed the transport fee (money-back promise) plus fees for additional services (except value) on request. Notification within 3 weeks of posting the Post Express Austria shipment is required.

Morning Delivery

If the recipient of an express shipment can only be found on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. then this option can be very helpful. Your Post Express shipment will be delivered by 10:00 a.m. on the first working day after posting. You can post your shipment at any post office. This service is available for Post Express shipments with a destination address in all state capitals.

Saturday Delivery

Post Express also works on weekends. If a Post Express shipment is dispatched on Friday (working day), we will deliver it to the recipient on Saturday (working day) by 1:00 p.m. in all Austrian provincial capitals, as well as selected postcodes.

The courier will only hand over a Post Express shipment - at the request of the sender - to the recipient after an identity check. You can post your shipment at any post office. This service applies throughout Austria.

Sender Info

With the sender info, the sender is notified by email or SMS as soon as the Post Express shipment has been handed over to the recipient. This service is free of charge.

Recipient Info

The recipient of a Post Express shipment is informed by email or SMS that it is already on the way. This service is free of charge.

Cash On Delivery

The recipient will only be given a package if the amount of money requested by the sender is paid upon delivery. Swiss Post transfers the cash on the delivery amount to an account defined by the sender. (This service applies throughout Austria.)

Higher Insurance

Valuables are in good hands with us. Cash, checks, securities, credit or debit cards, jewelry, precious metals, stones, and other content with a value of more than 1,500 euros, can be transported under special supervision as a value mail. The value is permitted up to a maximum of EUR 25,000.


If the content of the Post Express shipment is fragile or sensitive to vibrations, it must be labeled with the “Fragile” sticker. These Post Express items are transported very carefully and are sorted and distributed by hand.

Austrian Post Tracking Number Peculiarities

The Austrian Post tracking number format is very standard as this delivery company is a member of the Universal Postal Union. The tracking number has 13 characters. In the beginning, it has two letters, then nine digits and it ends with AT, indicating the delivery company. Here are some examples of them:

  • RR123456789AT;
  • LS123456789AT;
  • NZ123456789AT.

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Rea topi
5/6/227:03 PM
I ordered two packages and got only one. How is it possible??
Hüseyin Deniz Erdek
4/22/2212:12 PM
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1/28/228:09 PM
Dani Siebert
1/20/225:35 PM
Ich habe ein ganz anderes Paket bekommen, als was ich bestellt habe
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Katalin Asbóth
12/29/215:11 PM
Sie schrieben, dass das Paket nicht zugestellt werden könne und wir zu Hause seien, niemand hat geklopft oder eine Nachricht hinterlassen. Wann bekomme ich mein Paket, das aus England kam.
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Джон смит
12/17/219:01 AM
Очень долгая обработка заказов
Not delivered yet
Rusul Ibrahim
12/15/216:40 PM
Not delivered yet
Tatiana Bauer
12/13/219:04 PM
Takes too long waiting nearly 1month
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Török Laszlo
12/10/216:36 AM
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11/30/2110:48 PM
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