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When you live on a far distant continent, you simply cannot stay in touch with the rest of the world without a proper delivery company. Australia EMS is a government business delivery enterprise. It one of the major services that perform domestic and oversea shipments. Around half of the century ago Australia EMS has been founded. During all the time of existence, it has gain trust and popularity among clients.

Australia EMS helps to solve a different kind of delivery tasks. The target destination of packages can be almost any country in the world. For business and eCommerce seller, Australia EMS offers a wonderful logistic system, which allows to bring packages directly to the hands of addressee. It does not matter whether you shipping on package or several. You can always know their location simply by getting an up to date information with Australia EMS tracking numbers.

International Shipment Options

For Australian delivery companies, it is simply impossible to use ground transportation. Therefore, your packages will travel by ships or airplanes.


It does not matter if you have urgent letters or packages. All of them can be quickly delivered with the Courier shipment option. Letters are limited to 500g while packages to 20kg. However, if you need to send several of them, you will be able to do that with one shipment. With tracking options, you can receive SMS or email updates on the delivery.


If you need to deliver something valuable fast, then you may be interested in Express shipment with Extra Cover feature. Depending on its value you can be sure to receive compensation if the package was damaged or lost during the delivery process.


In case you plan to send only packages up to 20kg without with normal delivery time then the Standard shipment option will suit you. Multiple packages per shipment are allowed and you can track each of them separately.


International delivery does not always have to be fast. Depending on your needs it may be wise to save money on the delivery time. With an Economy shipment option, you are a little bit restricted in the weight of packages, as they can be a maximum of 2kg. For letters, it is still the same 500g. Moreover, this option has subcategories that are different in price and package weight.

  • Economy Air Letters. Only for letters or packages up to 500g. You can pack in your own package with adding postal label or stamp;
  • Economy Air. For packages up to 2kg to most countries in the world;
  • Economy Sea. This option is available only countries with major access to global waters. Landlocked destinations are not available. Packages can be up to 20kg.

Registered Post

Delivery of documents requires separate attention. Sometimes documents in letters exist only in one copy. It means that it will be great damage if you lost them. In such a case, you can use Registered Post shipment. It is available within Australia and there are several important features about it.

  • Letters always arrive in hands of an addressee
  • Signature on delivery is obligatory
  • Compensation on loss is included
  • You receive SMS and email tracking notifications

The maximum size weight of such letters is 500g. In addition, you can buy a priority label if you want to deliver it faster.

Additional Features

In order to ensure that customers can accomplish their goals, Australia EMS offers additional features. They can be effective when you send something expensive that definitely has to reach an addressee.

Enhances Tracking

Commonly you receive Australia EMS tracking number while making a shipment. However, if you want to receive updates on the transportation of your package, then a better tracking feature will be useful to you. It allows to receive SMS or email notifications on every stage of the delivery process.

Signature On Delivery

By sending something valuable, it may be important to be sure that the addressee definitely received a package. In such a case, putting a signature on package delivery can be very helpful. This feature is available only for several shipment options and with Registered Post and Express, it is completely free.

Extra Cover

Australia EMS covers loss and damage to the package if the package is been carried by its delivery. By moving abroad, it is often transferred to other delivery companies. With Extra Cover, you will be able to always get compensation.

Australia EMS Tracking System

International delivery has become more convenient when you can always know where your package is right now. Therefore, many delivery companies, including Australia EMS has their own tracking systems. Every enterprise has its unique format of a tracking number.

Speaking about Australia EMS its number for tracking is made up of nine digits in the middle and two letters from each side. Moreover, it always should end with ‘AU’. Therefore, you can receive the tracking numbers like:

  • EA123456789AU;
  • ER010001009AU;
  • EN010010019AU;
  • EA010000119AU;
  • EI010010119AU.

With such tracking, you can always know where your package is, even if there are some delays in delivery. Moreover, you should not afraid of sending several packages at once. Each of them gets a separate tracking number. By sending packages to multiple addressees, you will always track them during the whole transportation.

Average Delivery Time

Time is a valuable part of the delivery process. Many companies develop several shipment options to satisfy different needs. Thus, you can always have your package delivered within the needed period. Australia EMS has the following durations for different shipments:

  • Courier. The most urgent needs require the fastest solution. This option can deal with small document letters to packages. The delivery time is just 1 or 2 working days if there no delays.
  • Express. Fast delivery without overpaying. This shipment is a great option if you need something to have been delivered within 4 working days. In cases, there are no issues at customs the quickest arrival time is 2 working days.
  • Standard. In case you need to send a package without really carrying about how fast it should arrive, then the Standard option may be convenient for you. Its delivery takes more than 6 working days, depending on the target destination.
  • Economy. Sending something to another country can be pricy. If your package is not large and you are not limited in time, then there are no reasons for overpaying for delivery. With this option, you will have to wait more than 10 working days.

It is necessary to mention that each shipment option has its limitations towards the weight of the package. Therefore, you should always weigh your whole box, which you are going to deliver. By not matching the requirements there can be issues if the package cannot arrive on needed time.

Possibilities to Return Package

Australia EMS is interested in providing proper possibilities for eCommerce. Thus, it may happen from time to time that you are not satisfied with what you have received from the seller and want to give it back. By following simple steps you will be able to return a package.

  • At first, you should check the return policy from the seller. Only if you match the requirements you will be able to proceed further.
  • Second, you should find a return label in the box. Otherwise, you will have to buy, download, print, and attach it to the package. Alternatively, you can buy it at any post office.
  • Finally, you have to drop the package at any post box or office.

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Australia EMS
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Yayah Sheriff
2/21/2011:13 PM
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1/31/202:18 AM
Very disappointed. Horrible services. The Chinese EMS is better than Australia EMS, they keep you informed. SHAME on you Australia EMS!
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1/29/201:11 AM
Shame on such services!
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Angelo Reina
1/25/207:28 AM
Australia Post is the absolute best
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Anne Minniti
1/16/203:06 AM
According to the tracking record my parcel arrived in Australia 12/12/19. It was meant to be a Christmas pressie. Very disappointing.
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1/6/206:00 AM
Nothing...just fed up with the service
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Our user
12/31/191:26 AM
Package arrived but still appears to be in transit??
Lou Bergamin. (Roofline)
12/23/192:10 AM
Not delivered yet
Our user
12/17/198:46 AM
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Our user
12/17/195:53 AM
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