F.A.Q. on the Shopify App

I've installed the app, what should I do next?

The tracking page has been automatically created at your store after app installation. Its web address relative to your store is /tools/track-your-order

Add a link to it to your menu, so it's visible and accessible for your customers.

See this image for step-by-step implementation instructions.

How it works?

After you install the app all the orders for the past 60 days are imported into the app. Also every new order will be automatically imported after the installation.

When a customer tries to track an order, the system checks if your store actually has an order with provided Tracking Number or Order Number + E-mail/Phone. This serves several purposes: 1) this makes it impossible for a random person to use your store to track orders not from your store, wasting your credits; 2) this allows to keep precise track of what orders have been tracked, how many times, what was the last status, etc.

If the order is found at your store, the system performs tracking and shows the results. If not, an error is shown. So, if you don't have any fulfilled orders at your store, nothing can be tracked on your tracking page. Some customers, when they see this, conclude, that the tracking page doesn't work, but this is not the case.

How to fulfill orders with this app?

You should fulfill your orders the usual way you do it, nothing needs to be changed to work with our app.

Some customers ask: what happens if my carrier is not on the Shopify's list when adding tracking information to order fulfillment? That's not a problem at all since we have our own tracking system, independent from Shopify. Just put your tracking number in the Tracking Number field and choose Other when selecting the carrier. Our tracking system will automatically detect the carrier based on the tracking number.

It seems like the tracking page doesn't work. What can be the problem?

The tracking page will not be able to track anything if your store doesn't have any fulfilled orders with tracking numbers assigned to them. See this section of the official Shopify Help Center to learn more about orders fulfillment.

Is there a free plan available?

Yes, you may track 100 orders per month completely for free on the Free plan.

What is Billing Period?

Billing Period is every 30 days either after app installation or after payment for one of the paid plans. For example, if you install the app or subscribe to a paid plan at April 1st, your billing period will be from April 1st to April 30th, then from May 1st to May 30th, etc. We count how many orders were first tracked during those periods of time to determine if you've exceeded your plan's limit or not.

Do you charge for numerous lookups of one order?

No, we only charge 1 tracking credit for 1 order, which may be looked up multiple times.

What happens if I track more orders than my plan allows?

In such case the app doesn't stop working completely. It just stops showing tracking information directly at your store's tracking page. Instead, it redirects the customer's request here, to the Parcelous.com website, where the tracking information is shown.