7 Ways Poor Package Tracking Impacts Your Business

Businesses have to consider different factors that impact their business. One way to ensure that customers are happy is to deliver their packages. Unfortunately, countless parcels get lost every year due to poor delivery systems or other mishaps. A tracking system enables businesses to offer shoppers a safety net. The option to track a package alleviates the pressure and anxiety from customers. On the other hand, failing to implement a tracking system affects the business in multiple ways.

1. Disadvantage Against Competition

Even if a business has a package tracking system, it should provide all the necessary features. Lackluster solutions leave you behind the competition. Companies that offer better tracking experiences gain an advantage in attracting and retaining customers.

Modern shoppers are anxious, and they want to receive regular updates about their deliveries regardless of how long or short they are.

2. Customer Dissatisfaction

Customer expectation is another metric that poor tracking solutions affect. Negative delivery experiences build distrust. If somebody can't track their package and fails to receive it, they will blame not just the delivery company but the business as well.

One instance of poor experience is enough to look at other businesses. Expecting to see unsatisfied customers return is unlikely. Hence, businesses need to offer solid package tracking systems from the get-go.

Some ecommerce ventures, like a print on demand business, are known to ship different products, so it can be even trickier to track everything. Regardless of how small or big an item is, every recipient wants to receive their delivery.

3. Poor Feedback

Unhappy customers might go beyond just leaving the business. The odds are that they want to inform other people about the poor experience. In the age of social media and various review sites, it's easy to leave negative feedback for others to see. If somebody looks up online reviews and sees bad things about a business, they will avoid it and look for alternatives.

4. Revenue Loss

All negative experiences and feedback on the internet leads to revenue loss. Businesses need customers to function.

As mentioned already, persuading unhappy customers to return is a significant challenge. Meanwhile, if your business provides a solid experience, including a functioning package tracking system, customers will be happy.

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend the business to their friends and family, which equals revenue gain rather than loss.

5. Fraud Associations

Missed deliveries lead to lost or stolen package reports. If somebody cannot track their package and it fails to reach the intended recipient, it's natural to assume that fraudulent activities were involved.

Attributing a missing package to fraud is enough to affect a company's revenue. Besides, fraud associations are the opposite of what aspiring businesses want to see.

6. Returns and Refunds

If a delivery fails or the recipient becomes too anxious because they cannot track the package, they may cancel the order and demand a refund or ask for a new delivery.

From a customer support point of view, poor tracking systems prevent them from keeping track of the packages as well. They cannot provide live updates to shoppers. Lying is certainly not an option either because it will only backfire more.

7. Increased Expenses

Returns and refunds fall in the category of additional expenses that occur due to extra shipping and handling expenses. However, the potential expenses don't end just there.

The workload increases for customer support, needing to call them or send texts to arrange a new delivery. The process also involves dealing with the delivery company. In other words, it's resources that could be put to better use.

Are There Methods to Minimize the Problem?

The obvious solution to this problem is the implementation of an order management system that offers package tracking. Or, as an alternative, one can utilize available tracking solutions, such as Parcelous.

Additionally, customer support representatives should be quick to react to complaints and collect feedback on how to improve the process.